Tuesday, 15 May 2012


A mix of utter lethargy, being in pain and being sleepy = no blogging. But today is bearabubble so far so here goes.

I have been quite knitty-busy, which is a good thing, It's wonderful to feel I am finishing a few things and starting a few others - not just casting on (I like that part, can cast on summat new anytime!) but actually pulling my finger out and getting some things done instead of just thinking about doing them.

So - one adult bolero finished:
Though I say it myself, I really am pretty pleased with how it has turned out. The edging is knitted and really easy - it also grows very quickly (madam!). The flared sleeves hide the dreaded bingo wings - I like it.
Writing up the pattern is a long long process and I have oodles of respect for (most) designers. I think my teaching background is a huge bonus here, in terms of presenting information to people in an accessible manner - I hope. The pattern for size 36ish (technical term) is pretty much done, but I want to get a couple more sizes done before setting it free in the wild for testing, so ideally that is this afternoon's job. Then again I have been saying that for what, two weeks now ....

But I truly did have a finishing splurge - I also finished a similar bolero for a child:
and am currently about half way writing the pattern for this one.
Scuse the iffy photo, we are struggling to get much daylight here - looks like the sun has had enough after two days of shining (minus heat) and the rain is going to be back. Scuppered my vague idea of going to town today (not that I mind at all, dressing gown days are most excellent things).

Thoughts? Suggestions? What makes a really good pattern? What makes a really craptastic pattern?

Nothing much from the teeny tiny garden of delights (ie I haven't been out with my camera lately). Last time I checked nothing much was growing veg wise - the cabbages look happy enough but a fair few seeds simply haven't germinated and I suspect the cold is to blame. I think there were some minute turnip seedlings peeping through last time I checked, must have a nosy today.
It's forecast to be a massive ONE DEGREE tonight, sigh.

As a total change I bought myself the pattern to make one of these wonders - every home needs  steampunk crow! Isn't it ace! Made from calico / cotton and then hand painted with dry paints, I am thinking a lot of this could be sewn by hand which is perfect for me at the moment, my bones aren't too happy at the thought of bending over a s ewing machine for any length of time. I miss sewing, very much.
Of course this means I now want even more broken things - watches, jewellery, junk - more mess!

Oh - am also on the look out for used stamps - the local small animal sanctuary is collecting them for funds. If anyone has any that need a good home please do shout out. They are having an open day soon, and also a summer fair - I intend to go (to coo over the floofy wabbits and piggies) and can hand them in.

How much do I want my hair like this?
Lots much, lots.


libraknitter said...

Ooh, I want that hair too! Almost tempted to grow mine long enough to dye like that.

sulkycat said...

Me too! Isn't it just wonderful, so cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bolero! I look forward to seeing it on Rav soon. :D