Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Finished things and pretty things.

Scuse the slightly blurred photos, not sure what's up and suspect I have left the camera on thre wrong setting.


Possibly the most beautiful tulips ever.
Blurred but bootiful.
(just remembered, it was really windy so that probably explains some of the rubbish pics)

Mini tree courtesy of the birds last summer, am letting it do it's thing (tis potted up) as it makes such a nice splash of green.
Cabbage seedlings - I need to clear the blossom but am leaving it alone for now, ie cannot be bothered. Very little is growing compared to last year, it has been so cold overnight (minus 1C last night).
Poor things - unhappy tomato plants, there are some healthier looking turnip seeds in the mini propagator behind them.
Peas at the back, beetroot at the front. Second try with both. Sigh.
Never mind, I suspect I am not the only one struggling to grow much this year. Hopefully some sunshine and warmth will happen one day ....

More successful is this next finished thingy, a present for someone:
Pom Poms, wonderful!
Made up as I went, in Rowan Handknit Cotton which I absolutely love using. Rather pleased with it.

Toodles x

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Stitched Together said...

That is such a lovely thing. Pompoms rock!