Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Bed is fab. Good job, because I had a shocker of a night and have spent the day in bed, and have minimal plans for getting up. Throwing up and a 'splody botty with really nasty stomach pains, I suspect due to the slowly increased dosage of the Leflunomide. Yuk yuk yuk.

But never mind. The worst thing was I had a visitor lined up today, one of my beloved knitty friends and had to cancel in case this is a bug, I would hate to pass it on to her. Pah.

 Monday was my burpday, 21 yet again. The sun was out - by hell was it ever, it was the hottest day so far, over 28C, and we went to a lovely park for a rather splendid piccynic.

My bootiful baby girl came round, we got a taxi to Morrisons and bought the place out. The days of making lovely tasty treats for a picnic are on hold at the moment because of health - I was going to say they are long gone but that's so negative I prefer 'on hold'. I do NOT intend to be this ill for ever, you hear me little old bod?

Anway - something nicely liberating about just giving in and buying the lot!
We had more salady goodness, sides, nibbles, cheeses etc than one could shake a stick at. Or a stickleback at. Or even a sticklebrick.

We had planned to go to Kirkstall Abbey as it is very nearby - and stunning, Thankfully I checked online and the blimmin place is closed on Mondays. How rude of them on my burpday!
So a last minute panic to find somewhere pretty, clean and ideally new to us, and we found Pudsey Park. I have only lived here what, 11 years ..... tis a couple of miles away, a fiver in a taxi, and absolutely lovely.
I know they have won a Green Flag award every year and are very proud of it, justly so. Spotless, safe, beautiful. Large play areas for sproglets, bowling green and building for the oldies, plenty of places to picnic and slob and wander.

We didn't realise we were under a laden pine tree until this fell out:
It landed about a foot away and almost made me move. I thought it was a squiggle jumping out.
Blurry pics, the joys of LCD screens in the blazing sun - point, shoot, hope for the best!
Obviously the kids had to come too.
It just wouldn't be a real Out without Keef and Daphne.
Might be more sophisticated though but what the heck.

Obviously we do do sophisticated, just take a look at our Pimms cocktails for proof.
Pimms, lemonade, sweetie banana stirrers, strawberries, more sweets and - er - more sweets. I chucked a crouton into Kerri's when she wasn't looking. Posh. Very.

It became so hot that the cheeses became LIQUID. Rank! Everything that wasn't eaten went straight in the bin, waaaay too hot to risk it.
Daffers went to sleep in my handbag but Keef was on top form despite leaving a little trail of melting snowman behind him.
The wabbits were Totally Unimpressed.
We made a Big Mistake and went to explore one large building - a fekking greenhouse! On the hottest day! Dearie me, it was one big waft of heat - I was a tad worried it was going to be a long walk round like Tropical World at Roundhay tropical-world but thankfully this was a veh short trip.
Again, Keef went exploring - we found him stuck up a tree laughing at us.
I could hear Daffers tutting from inside my bag.
We forgot to take the now obligatory feet shot - somehow we seem to have one of these from everywhere we go - mostly because I loathe having my photo taken. This was from last week so will have to do. Obviously the chunky white leggypegs are mine.

But I do have a photo of the lesser spotted sulkycattuus minimus, brace yerself.
Very pleased that this one is blurry!
We both admitted defeat after a couple of hours and got a taxi home - both a bit headachey and pink. And in my case freckly. Veh freckly.
Eeeeeeee look at the size of my quiff! Makes me over 5ft.

Sleep beckons again, I am so tired.

Well that's about it for now - piccies of gifts to come, I have been incredibly spoiled and have a load of lovely cards and very thoughtful, generous pressies. My lovely knitty friends are just wonderful people and they matter enormously to me - thank you to all of them for helping make my birthday a truly lovely day.

And a mahoosive HUG to my lovely beautiful girl for such a lovely trip out.

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