Sunday, 27 May 2012

Here you are

Not on top form at the mo, so have some piccies

We had an Out.
Just to the park over the road - every time I go I remember just how nice it actually is.

We headed to our usual little spot - on the golf course!
What can I say - the grass is best there!
The view is absolutely stonking - must get some decent piccies one day (but it was so damned sunny I couldn't see through my camera properly, must remember the thingy for the lens next time.
Yes we are utter rebels.
This park is huge, it leads (as you can see) onto the golf course, also some woods. The canal and river are to one side leading to the marina, then another part of the park lies to the other (kiddies play area etc). Considering this is not exactly the most affluent or salubrious area it IS a decent park, and definitely looks better than it did several years ago.

We had a lovely couple of hours then sat in my tiny garden with a cold shandy - hell we know how to party.
Pattern writing has come to a bit of halt due to poor health, it has been a  pretty rough week. Never mind, there's always another day.

Tomorrow is, indeedy, another of those days - my birthday!

Another Out is planned, as there is sweet FA in the house we need to nip to Morrisons first via taxi, stock up on picnic things then get another taxi to another localish park (with an aquarium, bird house and pet corner). This one has apparently won Green Flag awards every year so it might just be rather nice.

Then yet ANOTHER Out on Wednesday with a luvverly knitty friend, we were meant to go today but I had a horrendous night and spent most of today in bed trying to catch up on some sleep.

So fingers crossed for a couple of restorative days out this week, before the weather cools down as forecast.

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