Monday, 4 June 2012

Sun, rain and a Right Royal Do.

Apologies in advance for yet more garden piccies - as this is first and foremost a visual diary for me that is the only apology you get ;-)

After the mad weather of late - seriously hot, then cold enough for winter woollies then torrential rain then another warm day today, the humans don't know what the hell to make of it or what to wear but the plants are thriving!

Look! Proof that there are colours other than PINK in my garden.
How pretty are these? Thank you Wilko, land of cheap bulbs. Some reddish ones are just about to open too.
This is a small plant but laden with flower heads - and the nasturtiums behind it are ghropwing like - well, like nasturtiums. My usual 'bung loads of things in all layered and hope for the best' method of planting is going (or growing) well so far.
See - not pink. Nope, not pink.
Definitely not pink.
I love these poppies - mum gave me an envelope of seeds from her garden so I can have loads!
These ones are from several years ago, I don't collect the seeds usually and just let them do their own thing.
The mini greenhouse is earning it's keep this year. Last year it blew over .....
The plants in the orangey pots were what I was carefully nurturing as tomatoes. They are actually cabbages. Nuf said.
I know these are way behind a lot of peoples plants but what the hell, I don't try and grow to any schedule but just let them do what they do.
Cabbages (not tomatoes), baby turnips, beetroot, spring onions and others in there. 4

In the veg patch there are green beans, peas, sweet peas, cabbages (not tomatoes), broad beans, parsnip, all sorts. I will have to do some splitting up when they get a little bit bigger and have two large plastic pots ready for transplanting.
They are currently nasty orangey but I am going to paint them PINK.

It is lovely to see the sun today - yesterdays downpour was pretty grotty.
Did you watch the Jubilee flotilla? I was really looking forward to it - I love all the pomp and pageantry and although I have no interest in the lazy, ever- holidaying others I do think the Queen is a total star.

How the hell she stood for the entire thing I don't know, I went to bed for a snooze and came back down and she was still going strong. I do worry - I doubt ANYONE is looking forward to Charles and That Woman on the throne (I am certainly not looking forward to Waity Katie and Will.I.Am either). Wearing bright red trying to upstage the Queen pretty much said it all.
Fantastic - I LOVED the choir absolutely drenched through singing their hearts out, bopping to the hornpipe etc. Very British. I loved all of it except the godawful BBC coverage - turned over the Sky who had the novel idea of SHOWING THE BLOODY BOATS instead of inane talk in a studio. I flicked between the two - Anneka Rice? What? Why??

Loved the little boats being towed towards the end by the larger boats, loved the old boats, the Dunkirk boats, the Maori boat, the gondolas, the rather appealling Yorkshire tug (I know the bloke in that from somewhere but cannot think where). Most impressive was the sheer amount of people who turned out, whenb this lovely country is in such a mess and a muddle it is brilliant and reassuring to see so many prepared to not just stand in the puring rain and cold all day but to actively enjoy it, just to celebrate the Queen.

Blimey, I never thought this pink haired punky person would be praising the Queen in a blog.
This is my favourite photo from the whole thing - can only assume there are some younger fitter blokes / women in the boat as security, because these old fellas really do not look like the SAS to me.

To end, this is a peep at what I am working on at the moment, just in my head so far - it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and never got round to.
Like the colours?


Judith said...

Do you reckon the Queen just never saw the thrones? I can imagine her watching it on TV later and saying well .....gosh ......there were some seats round the front there just for us!

Silversheep said...

I think they said that, in addition to getting the Britannia launches out of retirement, they also got some former Royal Yacht crew out of retirement too.

gemma said...

I know I'm an Aussie, but I too sat up in the very small hours and watched my Queen having a lovely time. I could feel the love through the tv.

yay for diamond jubilees!