Thursday, 1 March 2012


What an improvement a night's sleep makes. Last night was a beeping tablet night - yes I have read the current research into people taking sleeping tabs being 4 times more likely to die. Reading further, it seems this is linked to sleeping tablets and depression, also the side effects the following morning and driving or using machinery.
But whatever, it has to be balanced against NO sleep.

Tuesday night was horrendous - I gave up at about 4.30am and came downstairs. The pain (knees, foot, hand, back) was off the scale. Most of yesterday was spent on the settee under throws, snoozing and taking tablets.

So a full night's sleep last night was bliss, and today has been easier. Thank you lady Tramadol et al.

I spent some of the afternoon in the teenytiny garden, absolutely loved every moment. We have had the mild temperatures here but no sunshine, just lots of cloud - today the sun has shone allllll day long!

Snow, ice, frost, rain, wind all forecast for next week so I am making the most of it at the moment!
I pretty much gritted my teeth and got on with it - potted up lots of bulbs and a few plants, more to do tomorrow unless my poor bod refuses after today's exhertions!
I repotted most of these, I think there are 60 or so bulbs in now (late daffs and tete a tete galore), and added a fresh layer of compost to the rest of the pots where shoots are poking out left, right and centre. I love this so much.
Also these pots (behind the lillies). The lillies (Stargazers, my very favourite plant) were from the market, about £2 for the pot - it's been in the living room but was just on the turn so I thought it might enjoy being outside until it pops its clogs.
I did a bit of sweeping and binning, trying to tidy one side of the garden into a nicer area to sit in.
The bench was moved from one side the the other, much nicer where it is now.
PSidney came out to sit on my knee, he scoffed loads of cucumber then snuggled in and started singing away to himself. Lovely! He loves being outside - he lives inside, but seems to love the feel of the sun on him and who can blame him.
So I took my camera, a book and put my feet up on a pot of Rosemary and cuddled my singing piggy.
Rosemary wafting up and the smell of the lillies, and PSid singing.
Definitely made all the pain etc ease a bit.
I slept like a baby on the settee when I came back inside! And I suspect I will feel it tomorrow.
The grey floofy thing I have on is this:
my slouchy grey striped jumper, I love this.
Not at all flattering, I look like a short arsed pink haired tank in it - but it is soft, warm and like wearing a big cuddle. Perfect in the house jumper.
Based on Bumble from Kim Hargreave's Shadows book, but longer and I played with the stripes. I had a lot of grey Alpaca Cotton to use up, and bought 4 balls of black and 1 mid grey, so not a terribly expensive knit but a very snuggly one.

Next knit - something for a surprise, and I have half a plan to make myself a long black jumper with skelly bones on the front. 'Cos I am sophisticated.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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