Sunday, 11 March 2012


The sunshine made me do it .

Today was glorious - I went out to potter in the garden and realised I looked like a mad old bag lady in my many scruffy layers, so changed into leggings and a SHORT SLEEVED tee shirt - and it was warm, real genuine proper warm!

I planted some seeds, tidied some pots and then brought PSidney out - he loves the sun, so he sat on my knee and scoffed lettuce them nuzzled in for a snooze while I read my book. My hands are very swollen and sore so stroking his little fat warm body was perfect.

I have though managed to get some dyeing finished and listed on Etsy - amazingly some sold within minutes of listing it, which I am absolutely delighted about. I don't get that sort of 'I am good at my job' thing anymore, so knowing someone likes my craft work gives me a bit of that back.

These are what I listed today:

You may need sunglasses.

I have more ready to plait, photograph and list hopefully tomorrow, energy reserves and hands willing.

Hasn't done much to improve the clutter and mess in the living room though ....

I have new neighbours, yuk - no offence to them as they are possibly (hopefully) perfectly nice, but I have been spoiled by having an empty house next to me for over a year, it has been bliss. These are tiny houses, terraces, and their chimney breast is next to mine so I can hear pretty much everything. The last neighbours had a little boy who seemed to think he was a sire, constantly weeeeeooooooweeeeeoooooooo over and over and over again.

Here's hoping these aren't too noisy - I think I am turning into my mother. Help!

The Triffid has now passed the two foot mark, and is almost 26 inches tall. Another foot or so and it might not fit on the window sill ...

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, and had plenty of sunshine.



Tasha said...

I hate to be picky, but a link to your etsy shop might be handy...

sulkycat said...

hi - it should be at the bottom of the page - the links went haywire when i changed the page layout