Thursday, 22 March 2012


Spring is sprunging and spranging and indeedy sprenging all over the place.

The tiny garden is doing well so far:

worth every minute of planting bulbs.
Can you tell I love my little garden?

Now - importanbt things. Pegging - how do you do yours?

Are you the sort who must have matching coloured pegs? Do you just throw them all out anyold how, so long as they are hanging it will do? Or do you break every rule and deliberately miss-match your pegs?

Here, have a look:
It's like a reverse OCD -I cannot bear having two pegs of the same colour next to each other, arrrggghhhh!! I tried, I really did - even bought matching dolly pegs so I had no choice. But that way madness lies.
Has to be colour, has to be none-contact colour.

I don't wear socks very often (or didn't until my feet became so painful), but if there happen to be several socks of different styles and colours in the wash then they get hung out any old how, not in pairs. I know I know, this will mean some of you may never sleep again ....

I even have a peg-related injury:

As I have said over on Rav this morning, that is the same sort of swelling the nurse the other month inferred I was imagining ... sheesh.

Talking of which, was at the hospital yesterday for a mammoth 4 hours - scans, nurse, consultant, bloods. Many bloods (NINE). Gawd. They were terribly short staffed ( 4 nurses out of the usual 11), thankfully the consualtn I saw was much better than last time I saw him, in fact there was a big change all round in how I was treated.
In short, active RA in my toes, none in my swollen hands - sonographer redid my hands because she couldn't believe something so swollen and bruised could not more going on (apparently they think it is soft tissue damage / tendonitis / inflammation).
Stick with current meds for now, increasing dosage very slowly, with option to go back to methotrexate plus A.N.Other in the future if things don't improve. Sleeping tabs every night if needed. Etc etc - check up in 6 weeks, consultant in 3 months but with telephone access to them as and when needed.

Tears happened a couple of times (very long time to sit with sore body, throw in very painful (fibroid?) cramps and ME and it was all a bit too much).

Hey ho. So today is going to be a laid back, watching IPlayer / Netflix sort of day with some knitting.

32 inches. Nuff said.

I tried to print the postage label to send some books to Amazon to trade, but found I had run out of ink and had to order some from - er - Amazon, Ironic eh.

I have some more fibre to list on Etsy, will hopefully start on that today too.

There, enough waffling on - hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring weather, isn't it good to see some more daylight and blue skies? It's a bit nipply here still but what the hell, it's better than it being freezing and grey.

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Lyndsey-Jane said...

I have wooden pegs so no colour matching issues, but I do have a very precise way of hanging things out,and an order in which I have to hang them.