Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dyeing to show you!

Finally my brain and body -and the weather - all worked in relative harmony and I was able to do a small amount of dyeing. My back and hands are dreadful so it was through gritted teeth, but the pleasure from actually doing something just about balanced the pain.
I am soooo brave ;-)

I am very pleased with this - and there was me worried the colours would NOT be bright enough!

There is a length (oo er) in deep purples and deep pinks drying in the bathroom at the moment - all to add to Etsy soon. These are Falkland, which I have been spinning lately for the first time and really enjoyed (nice long fibre, very easy to use).
I love colour - I don't wear colour, but do enjoy the chance to indulge in brights and clashing colours.

I have also finished three blocks for the throw I am knitting - this one is for meeeeee. My daughter has one, my mum has one so it is my turn.

Absolutely love this one - all knit in Wendy Mode Aran, which is very soft yet has enough body to make the cables 'pop' nicely. This pattern was from a collection of cable blocks, a booklet the name of which I have forgotten at the moment.

This second one was bought from Ravelry (the pattern that is, not the knitting!). I have used her designs before and find them easy to follow.
Finally this one which is also from the booklet.

Each measure roughly 12 inches square - I think 4 x 4 should make a decent snuggly sized throw.

The weather here has changed and apparently (depending on which weather report you read or listen to!) snow is on the way as from tomorrow. Grrr, just when I was really enjoying planting things and pottering in the Teeny Tiny Garden. I have three large plants to go outside, but might hang onto them for a few days indoors until the weather does what it needs to do.

My mood is different at the moment, much more upbeat. My body is knackered - tired out and full of pretty bad pains, but for whatever reason I am chirpy - whether that is from being outside more, from seeing things grow, from making myself 'do' more I don't know but long may it last.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


andrea said...

I understand the gritted teeth business. That's my technique at the moment as well, when the morphine will allow me to be upright enough to do anything. (Slipped disc, compressing sciatic nerve, gabapentin and MST,with oramorph as and when required.) I love your cable samples, cabling has always being my first love in knitting and that yarn really works to make them pop.

I will have to keep my eye on your etsy for the purple and pink fluff (sorry brain not working on some words) I love purple and the brighter the better.

We are over near Harrogate and my son was saying the snow is coming. It will do what it will do.


Stitched Together said...

Accomplishing things will always make you more cheerful, as will the extra daylight. When you are in constant pain distraction is the only way to go. Love the colours in your fibre.

sulkycat said...

Thank you both, I definitely feel much more positive when I can see I have 'achieved' something, even if that is just dyeing a bit of fibre.
Hope you two are coping too, pain is no laughing matter.