Thursday, 8 March 2012


Everyone OK?

The Triffid is continuing with its Triffid like ways - ie upwards.

It is now an utterly ridiculous 23 inches tall - it seems to be growing almost one inch per day (yes that is a tape measure next to it, near my specs) and yes I AM becoming abnormally obsessed. More of these needed next year, they have a wonderful comedy element to them.
The Christmas Cactus has just started to grow its little red tips so that should start flowering in the next few weeks, it never blossoms over Christmas but usually goes bonkers around May / June. Each to their own, I rather like a rule breaking plant.

I am knitting away still on the SkellyBones cardi and really enjoying it - the first side isn't perfect but I can see what needs altering and should be able to sort it for the second side.
I plan to write this up (famous last words), I really think I should be using my time more wisely (although what could be more wise than trying to give this poor little stumpy bod the rest it obviously needs?) and try to get some patterns out into the big blue yonder.

This is where I am as of this morning. I am not planning a skull on the front or a hood, or bones on the sleeves, but I do fancy a skull on the back with a pink bow (to go with my beloved Ravelry avatar). With a full black skirt this could end up being quite cute for Spring. Or utterly daft ;-)

Anyway, it is keeping me occupied, I am enjoying it and I am enjoying the fact I made the grid for it.
And yes that IS a mint wrapper under the cushion.

What else? More dyeing, I have been struggling with terrible back ache lately which has just started to ease off (an old injury, knackered it twice, once was a bad riding accident the other the dangers of teaching! ie loads of books to carry) so bending over the table outside sets it off - so one hank of fibre a day. But I managed to do a bit yesterday and another today - yesterdays in particular is looking really good.
I don't tend to go for soft or subtle colours (which is possibly not a surprise to anyone at all), but vibrant rich colours.

Piccies to come.

Some knitting for a 'Thing', a wotsit, a doodah.

And I am continuing to sort and sell various wool (and some clothes) on Fleabay so that's all good. Upstairs is still chaotic but slowly it's getting there, wherever 'there' may be.

Thassit for now, hope all are well.


Jane said...

I want a skellington cardigan too now! That's awesome.

sulkycat said...

Thank you! It's getting there slowly.