Saturday, 17 March 2012


WARNING: avoid if of a nervous disposition ;-)

To confirm what many have thought over the years - and one Very Famous Knitter in particular - I actually do appear to be full of shit.

Or at least I was until the last few days. Blimey, stomach upset and a half! That came on top of a really unpleasant week of Special Girl Time (as christened by my parroty friend), also out of the blue.


I am not supposed to get periods anymore, but nobody seems to have told my body that. AWFUL. A one woman black pudding factory. Pain pain pain, I have a sneaking suspicion the dreaded endometriosis is back. Pah to all of it. pah.

Had my usual blood tests / blood pressure checks on Thursday and mentioned it to the nurse, who said if the SGT comes back then I really need to see a Dr asap (history of cancer and endo), and that the shiteing oneself to death part was probably a nasty bug that's doing the rounds. I had Imodium and Dioralyte so now may never ever go again.

                                                                  A Nasty Bug.

Throw in the RA pain and I am in danger of losing my sense of humour.
But at least I am not full of shit.
For now ...

Knitting has been happening on and off.
I am still enjoying the skelly bones cardi, one side (thankfully the second) is definitely better than the first and I have tweaked my (self drawn) chart accordingly.

I am hoping to finish the fronts today. One sleeve is finished:
I am thoroughly enjoying it, possibly because it is just so silly. Silly is good.

Plus Spring seems to be here (even though there are big dark clouds outside)(and I just put my washing out).

These little beauties have just started opening, I don't usually grow them outside so I am dlighted to see them looking pretty good.

My sitting area is also looking rather nice at the moment, worth every bit of back ache shifting things around!
Bearing in mind this is a seriously small garden I think it's looking OK at the moment (this half widthwise is what you see, plus maybe 6 inches behind the white board to the left - the red bit behind the round blue pot is my doorstep. I have the same again on the other side and that's it).

This next bit is still a work in progress, the table (made by my friend Barry the Boat) needs shifting as the birds are finding it rather a good target.
The celtic wood thingy is something I painted many years ago.

And dyeing is happening, I have An Idea and quite possibly A Plan, whether or not they will work is debatabubble. If it stays dry I should be able to get some out on the line later on today and get a better idea of how accurate the colours are compared to what's in my head.

Enjoy the weekend.

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