Thursday, 29 March 2012

Once Upon A Time

I could draw, but I seem to have forgotten! Took a sketchbook into the garden this afternoon and as well as being painful and stiuff my hands just didn't want to draw, grrrrr. I persevered, and will take a piccy of what I ended up with even though I am not pleased with it - will be interesting to see if I get any better if I keep practising.

I was planning to do a life drawing evening class next month but really don't think I am up to it yet. Something good to look forward to for another time though.

Maybe not the best choice but I liked the shape of the basket with the branch above it.

The tiny garden is perking up really well with all this sunshine and warmth:
Tulips and little plants are sprouting all over the place. I tend to layer bulbs so as one lot die off another can come through, and then just keep topping up with plant food and encouraging words.
So far so good.
No idea what is in some of these pots anymore! There should be some daffs and some narcissi, but as for the rest not a clue, I just shoved loads in and hoped for the best.
The first blossom came out yesterday - this tree is spectacular in spring (and a pain in the bum when it all drops). All I see when I open my bedroom curtains is a mass of blossom that smells fabulously sweet. I think - think - it is some sort of wild cherry, although last year was the first time I have seen anything resembling berries on it. Anyone else have any idea what it is?


Sweet peas in the greenhouse, also assorted veg seeds galore are starting to peep through so I must get the raised veg patch sorted asap.
Today is my lovely mum's rather special birthday - she goes bonkersmad is we buy her anything so I made a simple but pretty wash cloth, and bought some hand made rose soap which smells lovely.
Typically she says it is far too nice to use! Which I think means I got it just right ;-)
Have a lovely day mum. xx

I am also moving on with the skelly cardi - the back is almost done:
This was from a couple of days ago, since then I have finished the skull and am onto the armhole shaping. I am really ready to start blocking and seaming, have just about had enough knitting this! Hopefully I will have it finished in time for Tuesday's rather grotty hospital appointment.

That's it for now, hope you are enjoying the lovely weather (snow? what's all this about snow on the way??).

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