Thursday, 1 December 2011

And the knitting continues ...

... sadly so does the pain but cannot do a damned thing about it (was in so much pain last night I couldn't get out of bed and down the stairs for a drink and more tablets, pretty dreadful night).
Never mind, Drs next week so will ask for something stronger than the Tramadol which seems to have stopped working (ie my bods got used to it).

But knitting - is this one of the most bizarre looking bits of knitting or what?

It is to me anyway, the first time I have knit anything that has such interesting and fun construction.
And that's coming from someone who hates knitting on anything but straights!

This is Owen, a teddy bear pattern on Ravelry - by far the best looking bear I have seen and I have had it queued for ages, finally got round to starting it the other day - this is about 3 days worth of work. Originally intended for my sister's Christmas pressie, but when Kerri saw it she loved it so much that I suspect two will be needed in the next few weeks. Minimum - I want one too!

He is knit from 2 balls of New Lanark wool dk, which I love using because it is so rustic. I have a load of grey upstairs that was meant to be a cardi for me (there's a surprise, a grey cardi) but I think I will snaffle a couple of balls for a grey ted.
(If you have yet to try New Lanark wools then do so! Very fast delivery, very cheap wool and fab quality - not always the softest around but I absolutely love the stuff). This is knit from the wool / silk blend a couple of years ago:

Anyway back to the teddy. I love how he is looking - the weird needles malarky is to join the head to the body so there are no visible seams, then the head gets stuffed as it is knit. I have just started the leggies which are also incredibly cute - these start with a garter stitch paw pad and the stitches are then picked up around that and knit upwards. Luvverly.

I have now completey got the hang of M1B and M1F ;-)
More piccies to come as he grows. I think a nice warm cabled jumper for each ted will be perfect.

I have also nearly finished the second test knit which again I am really enjoying, hopefully that will be in the post tomorrow or Monday at the latest (I know it is needed for photographing by the 8th).

Swapsies - I love swaps, especially at this time of year. Christmas Stocking swaps are my absolute favourites - I am in two this year, and a couple of smaller swaps. It's been a bit mad trying to get everything finished and posted in time and I am gutted that at least one parcel won't get there when it should (especially as it is to someone special) so have sent a little something via the tinternet. But look at what I received myself - isn't this fabulous? (scuse the messy floor / skirting board)

I have two hand knit stockings from previous years which are equally stunning and will be bringing them down soon to hang up - yes I am secretly a big kid! I overstuffed this one a bit trying to cram everything in, so will share the goodies between all three so it hangs properly.

And to end on something lovely here's PSidney being shy (had just cleaned his cage and he wanted to explore instead of have a camera shoved in his furry face). I love my piggy.

Happy December.

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