Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pretty in Pink

Old manky carpet that was here when I moved in - I learned to ignore it!
After Kerri went 'rip it up' mad:
and as of this morning:

Needs a damned good hoover and the paint work retouching, but not tonight. He did a great job of my twisty stairs and it is so soft underfoot, I love it.

Some knitting has been happening - I don't do hats usually, I look a total knobber in them but it's so cold I think I need several - this one is about half done.
Sorry for the iffy photo, daylight is rare at the moment - maybe this one shows it better:
It's a nice fun hat, from knitcircus winter2011 - if I look a Twat in a Hat what the hell!

I also want a black and pink kitty hat, and have another hat in mind. Hurrah for warm ears.

Hope all are safe in this mad weather, my daughter's flat's suffered and she has work being done on it right this minute, she might turn up here tonight (but she's like me and prefers to stay in and see what's happening rather than worry elsewhere).

Latest test knit has been completed and posted for photos, really enjoyed this one too. It's nice to knit in colours and textures I would not usually choose. I also like not seeing the picture of the finished item and working it out from the instructions only - looking forward to the next one!

Keep warm and well.


Susie said...

Worth reading just for total knobber, I never get to here that one down here. Here's hoping you don't look a total knobber in your lovely new hat going up and down your impressively pinkly carpeted stairs, I'm convinced you won't.

Susie said...

That's 'hear that one down here'. God... (And your word verification is 'clegesst', are you subtly trying to undermine our coalition government?) O_O.