Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy Christmas to you - and a very Happy New Year!

OK, I don't seem to be able to improve the layout much at the moment, brain doesn't seem to be working at the mo. This will have to do for now.
Is it bearable? I suspect tis a little bit busy.

So how is everyone? Sick of turkey yet? Surely not sick of roasties or cold warmed up? (Veggie sauasages and cold fried up for tea later tonight, hurrah! With pickled onions.).
Did you all have a lovely time?

Kerri and I had a very relaxed, giggly wine fuelled Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - really really nice. Good food though I say it myself, laid back, tripe on the telly - perfect. I don't 'do' New Year really so I will be home alone (awwwww) with a glass of fizz and summat nice to eat - and my knitting. Suits me perfectly!

Talking of which - I finally finished a cardi which has been needing buttons for months. I started this planning to wear it when I went on holiday in July and it's been finished apart from buttons since then. Sigh.
This is Daisy, by Kim Hargreaves. More details on my Ravelry page - really easy, fast knit. I enjoyed making this and think the pink trim really perks the whole thing up.
So that's one thing finally finished before the end of the year! A scary amount of unfinished bits and bobs still to go ....

I made a last minute teddy for Kerri as she loved the other one so much - this didn't quite work as well (I think I maybe rushed the sewing up at the end) and it has a weird nose but she loves him just as he is. It's the sort of nose 'that adds character' ;-)

Once again I cannot praise this pattern enough - Owen, on Ravelry.

The Singing Santas were all well received:
as were the hand stitched felt coats (er - ornament sized not human sized of course!):
As with a lot of other knitters I do have one thing to finish off still, originally intended as a Christmas present. Ooops.

What else?
Healthwise - no more injections thank gawd. I was having such a bad time with the methotrexate I was told to stop the injections a couple of weeks ago, and although it didn't have much of an improvement on my overall health it definitely helped mentally. I saw the consultant again on Wednesday and have started a new medication in tablet form (hurrah!). Sulfasalazine.
Side effects will be:
orange wee
yellow tears
low sperm count
Can't beat some comedy effects! Am very disappointed so far that the orange wee is nowhere to be seen. Pah.
For the pain I am now on some stronger/strongest Tramadol which have knocked me for six, no bad thing as the pain's been bad lately and some sleep is very welcome indeed. I go back in 4 weeks.

That's about it for now. Hope everyone is well.

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