Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Whose bright idea was it to make presents this year?

For a hermit I have been quite busy lately with a fair bit to report. Makes sense to me to start at the end with a couple of Christmassy things.

Bert the Bear is finished and on his way.
He is a touch overstuffed and at the mo it peeps through a little, but when I squished him it wasn't visible - so hopefully after a few cuddles he should look fine. I absolutely love him!
Great fun to knit, complex enough not to become boring and a fabulous looking bear.
I have started another one last night and am hoping (hahahahaha) to finish by Christmas Eve. Hmmmm. Wish me well with that.

The tree is up in all its subtle wonky-topped glory:
I like this - pink at the base then variegated until it is white by the top.
The top of the tree is graced by BaconSarnie, my little pink pig in a sparkly dress.
Plus the goff fairy and the glitter balls - et voila! One seriously classy tree. (Insert snort of laughter here).
There seems to be tinsel everywhere.

Keef seems to have reached puberty .....

Much more to come - I have done 'socialising' which is unheard of - not once but a couple of times.
I know!

Will let that sink in and give you time to recover. Toodles!

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