Friday, 2 December 2011

George is back! Hurrah for George!

Look who was back today, he spent about an hour squished into the (very small) bird table scoffing peanuts.
These were taken through the window, he wasn't at all bothered by me being there.

Isn't he just a delight?

Made my morning.

Knitting continues but slowly at the mo, am sleepy. I am still enjoying knitting the ted, one leg is finished - the joints are made by covering buttons and attaching that way - hopefully this will work.
I have completely fallen in love with the covered botton - I think some of these sewn onto a cardi as fake buttons in a contrasting colour would look amazing.

I suspect they are too bulky to make into a 'proper' covered button with a push-in back, but would work as fakies. It's really tickled me, almost too good to hide in a teddy's thigh!

Stocking swaps are going brilliantly so far - they work the same as advent calendars, open a gift a day. Yesterday's gifts were:
From the UK parcel, two gifts - one to open immediately which I love, a really soft quirky headband:
The bow is ace!
And inside 1 was - drum roll - something to keep them all in!
Excellent! And todays is lovely - not sure how many pink haired punky folk love the smell of roses but I definitely do!

And the USA stocking - yesterday was perfectly timed as I ached from top to toe:
and todays was also well timed as I need to finished Kerri's Christmas cardi asap:
Thank you!
It is fabulous to see lots of adults opening their gifts every day, I love it.

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