Sunday, 21 August 2011

So much to do, so little energy ....

Big Brother - the Australian meeja blokie, Darren thingummybob.
He is EXACTLY what Mel Smith (Not the Nine O'clock News, Alas Smith and Jones) would look like if he was given a fiver and asked to dress as a punk for a comedy sketch.

Mel Smith

Darren Thingummybob


I don't really have anything else to say about the resurrection of Big Brother except 'Why?'

I have been knitting a fair bit lately, mostly because my hands have been better than usual thankfully (no idea if it's the increased methotrexate dose, the tramadol or the recent steroid jab, or a mix of all three). I am almost finished with the body and sleeves on this cardigan shawl-cardigan  . It is pretty straight forward - not the best pattern in the world to follow for anyone totally new to knitting but easy enough to work out otherwise. I am using two cones of fairly thin approximately 4ply, one a plain black 'something', the other a black mohair. Must take piccies!
I have a few inches to do on the second sleeve cap then block and seam the sleeve, and am about half way through the shawl collar (I started knitting this a few rows at a time as there is a lot of it and I suspected I might get bored if I left it to do all at once).

I really need to take some photos - I have finished things, truly!

The stripe study shawl, finished, like it off, don't like it on much (weird shape to actually wear).
Daisy cardigan, finished, too tight.

Hmmmm .... am I the only person who knits things, thoroughly enjoys the knitting - and doesn't really wear them?
I have a few I wear a lot in winter - my grey cabled cardi (the first Ravelry project I did and my first 'real' garment), my Perfect Paula cardi.

Perfect Paula - fits well, comfy, fun to knit.

Cabled yoke cardi - dreadful photo, sorry (must rephoto several things I have on Rav), fits well, comfy, warm.
There's a bit of a theme isn't there - I not only like cabling but I seem to like wearing them too.

At the moment I am limited by my hands, by my exhaustion, by my weight going up and down with medication and steroid injections. Limited not only in what I can make but in what I can wear (in terms of fiddly buttons, hooks and eyes etc and also in terms of what suits when I gain weight).

I also want my hands to perk up so I can do some sewing - I love everything in this pic not just the knitwear:
Lovely dress (in black of course).

I bought a gorgeous wall hanging kit recently and want to make a start on that too -
and have my tapestry kit lurking somewhere too.

I also have a pattern to write up - doesn't that sound grand? It's my first 'own design' that's actually made it out of my head and onto my needles and I must say I am pretty chuffed with it so far. Ask me if I feel the same once I start writing it down ...

Have a good weekend, or what's left of it. It's a lovely sunny day here but there's definitely been an Autumnal nip in the air lately ....

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