Saturday, 27 August 2011

Meths. Yuk.

Totally unimaginative title, sorry.

I don't think I ever mentioned that a few weeks ago I started injecting methotrexate at hospital as the tablets were making me so sick.
There's something very weird and utterly WRONG about sticking a needle into your thigh every Thursday afternoon but hey, it gets me out of the house ... pah. I genuinely didn't think I would be able to do it but I have some fab nurses and pretty much just got on with it and managed it first time.

(image from the internet - my needles arrive in the next week or so, I sign consent forms on Thursday all being well)

They have increased the dosage every week to get me up to the maximum as quickly as possible as the rheumatoid arthritis is starting to affect my joints as well as causing so much bloody pain (fingers moving outwards, thumbs inwards etc etc - the full list is too upsetting). The last Thursday was the first at the maximum dosage (and ironically my best attempt at sticking that needle in, bruised myself a lot last week).

For once I am glad I have a good amount of padding to pinch for these jabs!

My mum and daughter went with me and we had a quick lunch together which was lovely - mum sat in with my while I did my injection. Not so keen on this particular nurse but at least she was pretty honest about the long term prognosis.
Anyway, yesterday felt like that total sleep sleep sleep exhaustion you get with the flu, I simply couldn't stay awake. My knees were painful so sleeping it off was a good thing - the constant dreams not so good.

Today has been a bit tough - upset tum all day long, tired, generally off colour, headaches etc. Yuk. And still my knees hurt!

Cannot do a damned thing about it so it's a grit your teeth and get on with it day. It does get annoying that I tend to start feeling more human just a day or two before Thursday when it is time for the yellow poison again.

On a MUCH brighter note a Ravelry friend who I really like has had a baby girl today, that's lovely news!
knitting. Ideally before her first birthday.


Lupie said...

I have lupus and have been on methotrexate pills for years and had to give myself shots when it got very bad. The shots do work better but my legs got so bad from the shots I had to start shooting up in my belly.
Hope you feel better.

Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

Mom mentioned your knitting to me and your great blog. She's the previous commenter, Lupie. I wish you luck with your shots. I applaud you for your efforts. I could not inject myself with my infertility drugs; freaked me out. You're a brave chickie!:)