Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Look! Look! LOOK!!!

I did knitting stuff!

A big pile of black floof.
Wet black floof.
It looks pretty big which is good, I wanted a loose sloppy soft cardi. The pink / black strip above is the looooong shawl collar, not totally convinced that will work - I suspect it will be the sort of thing one wears with a determined stride (legs willing) and a confident manner!

The blocking board is my very old pattern cutting board, it isnt ideal because it is made from card (if I cover it in sticky back I doubt things will dry) but it will do for this. And yes there ARE two sleeves

So the plan is to seam this tomorrow then that's something else finito.

I have started some (very late) secret knitting which is totally different, apart from anything it is BRIIIIGHT colours!

I need a wee.

Toodles x

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