Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Word of the Day


As in, apparently, the plural of a text.

'She got loadsa' text-is.'

'e were sendin' text-is.'

'I read 'er text-is.'

Heard mostly on the Jeremy Vile show and also heard often during the riots, text-is. What on earth's wrong with 'texts'? Eh?

The first time I heard it I though they said 'testes' and was struggling to work out why 'testes' were being sent during a riot. Or ever.

Hey ho.
Another spot of bizarreness was some odd 'not much news happening so let's dig out an obscure and probably unsubstantiated statistic'. Apparently (insert random number here) % of people now keep a weapon under their beds.

In this part of Leeds I suspect the most threatening thing kept under the beds of the great unwashed are vibrators and ashtrays.
That would see off any self respecting burglar I suppose, being chased down the road by some trackie wearing chav fag in gob, waving Ann Summers' finest on full vibrate.

Obviously this sort of thing does not happen in my street, it being of a much better class.
Oh dearie me no.
In MY street it would be a vibrator and a Laura Ashley bedside lamp, dontcha know.


RebKnitz said...

The confusion -- I learned from six months of living with a teenager -- is that the verb is to "tex." So it isn't "text-es," it's "texes." I figured this out from being chastised for saying "texted"--the word, apparently, is "texed," sounded exactly like "text."

Anonymous said...

I think you've found a gap in the market - Laura Ashley.


Anonymous said...

I think you've found a gap in the market - Laura Ashley vibrators.