Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Well, I did it ...

... finally got round to writing query letters about my craptastic 'book' and emailed three this morning, They can only say NO, which I can live with. But in that dream world ...well. If only. I don't think it's utter shite, but it isn't brilliant obviously. I enjoyed it, and it got me through a tough month - and one day I will sit and write something better.Ah, nd one day, 'one day' I will sit and start drafting the pattern that go with said book ...

until then
I knit

The 'October is for Spinners' scarf / stole / thing - I really enjoyed this, pretty much every minute of it.

Love the way it deconstructs, starting with 4 threds and ending with 1, the needles go up and up, and the dropped stitches and dropped triple yarn overs are carefully supported by the preceding rows so that the whole thing doesn't unravel!

Took three goes to get the legs right, but I am glad I went back and redid it - it's soaking now, will block it on the floor when I get home (am heading for a swim in a bit).

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