Monday, 22 February 2010


Stonking great cold! One of those noisy sneezy ones, minimal snot so far just really bunged up (bet you REALLY wanted to know that).Decided to stay at home today and keep warm, a swim didn't seem terribly intelligent this morning.
Parcel postie STILL hasn't been (he was meant to come on Saturday to redeliver a parcel, didn't show up - this drives me mad as it happens quite often. If I book it in for Saturday why don't they turn up??

So. Knitting.

Had a bit of a mishap with this - lovely pattern from the Queen of Hearts book by Louisa Harding, both wools are DK weight, but were a world apart when knit up - the purple is from Fyberspates and is yummy, but not at all right for this.Have since reknit using a mountain of Sublime merino with silk that I have, and pinks for the hearts and so far so good (a VERY slim sleeve though, I think very heavy blocking will be needed).Photo to follow.

LOVE this cardi - 'scuse my typing if it goes mad, new keyboard and the a and s keys are sticking already. Perfect Paula from Ravelry () more an idea for a pattern than a detailed one, had to upsize it and hope for the best, not all the cable information was provided etc etc - but it fits really well (sleeves are a touch too long) and I really like it. * tried to link but can't get it to work, driving me slightly mad!

Lots of sewing to do, plenty of sock bags cut out, interfaced and awaiting sewing. Am hoping to make 5 today, and at least 20 over the week.
Snow, plenty of snow, and ice - sick of the sight of it, could do with some nice Spring weather although it is sunny today, that helps.

Keep warm!

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