Monday, 15 February 2010

and it continues

Oh yes, the general air of daftness continues.
After the terrifying encounter with mums and tots at the pool, I double checked the dates and made sure the class wasn't on. And set off early, just in case...
No mums and tots. It was pensioners aquacise, which one would think was suitable quiet and calm, and condicive to a relaxing swim.
And one would be correct.
there were also CHILDREN.In the pool. Splashing.


After the third time of being utterly soaked (yes yes I know it's a bloody pool therefore full of water, but I scrape my hair up to keep it wet, it has a bright pink streak in that I really don't want in chloribne)I spoked to mum (who was fully dressed slumped in a chair by the pool) and asked if the boys could stay in one spot as they were soaking several people, including some very old ladies.

She ignored me.
The boys then decided to swim widths.
They were really irritating the oldies (one told me she was worried they would bump into her, she was about 5 stone wringing wet).I gave mum my best Paddington Bear stare, and the width swimming stoppped.

So not the most relaxing of swims, but I managed 30 lengths and plan to go most days this week. Am making the most of the limited time I have left off work, as I am aiming to be back after Easter full time.

Plenty of knitting, will make a separate post for that as i know how temperamental this can be when it comes to photos ...

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