Monday, 15 February 2010

Knitting, lots of knitting.

And here it is - knitted goodness - sort of (some more than others).
I have had a bit of a knitty bit of madness since the start of the year, but some of these have used up existing wool that I really need to get knitted up before indulging in more ...

This was my first effort at knitting a jumper (or anything) in the round, on a circular needle - I can manage dpns fine but have had some sort of mental block about a circular needle. Anway, this was extremely fast, easy and I thought I liked it - but absolutely not when it was on. The gathered pullover, over a thousand projects on Ravelry, but mine - well, I am going to unpick it and reuse the wool (gorgeous felted tweed in Bilberry from Rowan, LOVE this!). Too much colour for me, and I prefer cardigans and should have gone with my gut instinct and left this to others.
To anyone making this - the purls on the cabling make very loose stitches, I changed it to all knit and it pulled the cables back in nicely. I also left out the row of increases / decreases across the bust, it looks silly (in my ever so 'umble opinion guv). So finito but to be unpicked ...
another crappy one! Ward by Kim Hargreaves. Now I know why there are only 14 of these on Ravelry - it's seriously unflattering. Too big - very big - and the waistline is too low. A useful layer when it's been bitterly cold, but nothing I would wear out.


Hurrah! One I really like!
Narvik, by Rowan.
Started this in 2008 I think, knit a front, got bored ... but I got plenty of Cocoon in my Kemps parcels so used up a couple finishing this - I changed the basketweave on the back and sleeves to stocking stitch, and I think it is much more flattering that way. I don't really want to look like an American footballer ...

Will get plenty of wear out of this, it's lovely on.
And there's more ....

another cardi finished (and being worn right now, I love it), one almost finished (am sick of the sight of it, it is in a bag) and one started.

But I am also knitting up a storm for the Ravelympics (just don't ask), so the cardi mountain has talen a bit of a back seat.

Bye for now!

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