Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I bought a beautiful, mad huge batt of asorted goodies recently, cost me much more I would usually pay, and it had about 7 different fibres in it, utterly beautiful. So what did I do? Buggered it up.
It was a delight to spin, the baby alpaca made it so soft, and I let it pretty much do as it wished (I usually spin quite fine so this was a change for me). It looked ok when single spun, but not much more than ok.
And when I plied it with silver thread, with beads and petals - well, disaster!

The most overspun thing I have ever done,really terrible. I soaked it, thwacked it and left it to dry with a weight, none of which I usually have to bother with, and it helped but not much! It was still very springy - I have managed to spin elastic!

When I knit it up, out of sheer nosiness (and I didn't like the thought of binning it), it didn't look quite as bad. Not good, but not dire. It feels very solid, and would be awful next to the skin, but might end its days as part of cushion cover or a mini wall hanging, not sure - the colours are lovely. There's one bobbin as yet uinplied, so hopefully that might have a better end.


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