Friday, 25 January 2013

Hurrah for piccies!

That's better. I hadn't realised just how monochrome these photos were - but thinking back they are probably accurate, the sky was laden with snow.

I am very delighted because I have DONE SOMETHING this week!
Over on Ravelry, the delightfully bonkers lot in The Chocolate Teapot group are braving a knitalong, making a throw a month at a time (a square at a time? I think you know what I mean).

Not only did I manage to knock a pattern together BUT also, eventually (after rather a lot of muttering, chocolate, muttering and chocolate) managed to write, chart and publish the pattern.

Go me!
It is for this:

Made from aran weight, 5mm needles, but of course can be made using any weight wool although then the size of the squares will vary. It is much easier than it looks (unless it looks easy, in which case it's pretty much as it looks!), and has a moss stitch border. It is charted and written, and hopefully makes sense.
Available here:
(hopefully). Will also try to link it to this blog.

I have a cardi pattern almost ready to launch too, just a couple of bits to tweak, and a pair of fingerless mitts lined up.
It feels damned good to be doing something, getting this dullard brain to start working again. I can only do it in fits and starts, but am getting better at making the most of the on hour here and there when my hands work.

I hardly dare say it out loud, but they don't feel quite as painful today. Still very swollen, but I can bear to rub cream into them which I certainly can't when they are really bad. I would cross my fingers but that might be pushing my luck!

Why yes they ARE pirate pants. I keep meaning to try making underwear (I refuse to call them PANTIES), and suspect that these will remain on the table for weeks before making their way, unmade, back into the bag. But I started. So I might continue.


Cate said...

Wow I love that pattern! Thanks for including on your blog. I'm looking for some cabley goodness as I want to knit a blanket with my left over Aran wool. It's a great pattern!

The 'pants' look great too.

Glad to hear you're able to do something here and there. It's good for the soul, even if the hands protesteth.

Have a good weekend!

Cate said...

Blinking Blogger ate my comment.

Thank you for the pattern. I LOVE it! Before I read your post, I was going to post and ask you about the pattern you used. Fab stuff! Clever!

I'm glad to hear you're managing some stitchery. Long may your hands not protesteth!

Have a good weekend.

Stitched Together said...

I love the idea of pirate pants! The square pattern is lovely. I do adore a good cable :-)