Sunday, 13 January 2013

RozzzzactemrazzzZZZZzzzz ...

This must be the damned infusion - I am so tired. Tired doesn't begin to describe it really; utterly wiped out, want to cry, drained beyond belief, too tired to go upstairs to bed sort of tired. Then get into bed and have nightmares. Yippee.

Tired and spotty. How nice. My skin broke out last time and it's not great at the mo. Buggerit. And an upset tum yet again.

The annoying part (well, annoying apart from having the shites and zits and being wiped out), is not quite knowing what is causing what. The methotrexate always upsets my tum, by rights I should be a skinnyminny. The RA flare ups make me exhausted as well as in pain. ME obviously clobbers me. Have never had spots though so I am truly blessed.

What next? Piles? Guinea worm? The clap?? Tis a good job I don't have a social life I think, with this lot I would be a social pariah anyway ... get thee away from the spotty farty short-arse in the corner, kids!

Today has gone something like this:

  • slept okish thanks to double sleeping tabs last night, bonkers dreams as usual
  • lay in bed working out what hurt and how tricky it would be to get down stairs
  • looked at the clock, sighed, wished it was later
  • got up, inspected spot situation, fed PSidney, fed the birdies, had painkillers, rang mum, had piece of bread, went back to bed
  • repeated all except feeding birdies a couple of hours later
  • sat on settee
  • sat on settee
  • etc
Throw in a very temperamental internet, phone that's working as effectively as my body, not being able to warm up, hands too sore to knit and yippeedooooo, it's a wonderful day!
It's what, 6.36pm - and all I want is to go to bed. But as my tum is doing ominous crampygurgly things I can't risk it yet (upstairs = bed, downstairs - bathroom), hence this post.

Grrrrr. Plus I suspect I smell.

Right, mutter over. I will try to summon the energy for a bath (unlikely), a piece of toast (possible), ringing mum yet again (inevitable) and watching tripe. Toodles and keep warm.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Much hugs oh spotty smelly one from Mr Mog and I xx

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sounds grim. Hope you escape it soon. I'll send you a hug from the mog here as well! Rest well. :-)

noonie said...

talk to your Doc they might be able to give you a small dose of steroids to help with the methotrexate