Thursday, 10 January 2013

RoActemra. Part two.

Relax, this will be brief.

I had the second infusion on Turesday morning, yesterday was spent asleep, ditto today. I have been shivery, upset tum and utterly wiped out - none of which are serious or severe, but all combine to make it a day on the settee asleep under a duvet.

Plus today is Methotrexate day, yippee. So throw in (or up) meths nausea too.

I also had my knee x-rayed to rule out any breaks (yes, it's THAT painful).

More another day, I am going back to the land of snoooooozing.

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Anonymous said...


Hope you're feeling brighter today. It all sounds pretty exhausting. Rest up well. Hope you're back up and about soon! :-)