Tuesday, 22 January 2013


It exists! Yesterday I was stir crazy, I needed some air and to stretch my (stumpy) legs. I managed the short walk to the corner shop as a test run (well, pootle rather than run) with my fab Yaktrax on (HIGHLY recommend these, what a difference!). That was do-able, so I kept going and headed to the park over the road and oop the hill. Slooooooow - I sat on every bench on the way, made a couple of family phone calls, texted friends and my sis. Slow slow slow. But the snow was beautiful - crisp, dry, fresh. With my stick and my boots, and my snug as a bug coat and hat, it was all do-able.
The park is lovely, considering it is in a pretty deprived area. Down the steep right hand side lie the railway line, the canal and then the River Aire, with views right across the west of the city (I think, I really must try and work out what the views are of).This is the west side of Leeds so the view must be what, East? Anyway, there is a view. Of things. I particularly like the views (across Kirkstall and Burley areas) with all the rows of neat little back to back terraces with the church spires standing tall. There are also many chimney stacks from the old mills, mixed with the rather grotty tower blocks. I like it, despite not being a city girl at all. I used to wander along the canal walkways a lot in that former life when this little bod worked properly, but blimey it was good to get out!
I have no idea whatorder these photos will come out in, so bear with me - I am posting this in HTML so cannot see them until I press 'publish'. Part way into my wander I came across a fab half-igloo, made with two sweet tubs. Ingenios! Perfect blocks - I really hope that 1) nobody knicked the tubs and 2) nobody kicked down the igloo. It's lovely that even in a fairly rough area children still play in the snow and make things.
I was EXHAUSTED when I got home - a walk that would take me what, ten minutes if I was well, took me ages with plenty of rests. I slept like a log when I went up for a kip, didn't sleep last night and by hell my calves ache today! (I am pleased that they do, I haven't had aching muscles since I used to go to the gym, so at least I know that my legs have had a bit of a workout). Worth every ache and yawn to have had a walk in the fresh air. Loved it. Stay warm and stay upright!

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Puddytat purr said...

I'm glad you got an out!

I wish I lived nearer so I could visit you on bad days xx

Stay warm hon