Friday, 18 January 2013


Oh for feks sake. The one time I actually have photos to add, of things other than methotrexate - and blogger is being an arse.

Having Googled, it seems many other bloggers are having the same problem, and it is a sneaky mission to get everyone to change to Chrome. Not that I am completely sure what the difference is, but I am not good with change when it isn't essential. I happen to like how it worked up until now! (This is my excuse for being an interwebz dunce).

I tried to upload via Picassa but it only lets me load old photos which is no use at all.

Grrrr. Someone said they are using Chrome just for loading the photos and IE for everything else, but again I am duncelike in my ignorance of how / what this is.

I can give you a photo from 2010?
but that's bog all use.
I can show you what Keef gets up to when he has access to the laptop.

But anything from today? Nope.

I could sing you a little song?

It's starting to look like I have a choice between Chrome, or paying to use a (better?) blog host such as Word Press. Not confident I am geekytalented enough to get anything half decent up and running with the latter though ....

So that's as good as it gets today, sorry. Healthwise (and thank you for the comments and messages) I have perked up, it seems I lose a week to the RoActemra and then start to pick up. My knee isn't broken thank goodness, the Xrays showed more osteoarthritis damage as well as the RA, so it is probably the same as my left knee, with bits of cartilage coming loose and hitting the damaged bits. It makes me swear sometimes,  nothing wrong with that!

I have also discovered the utter joy of the Inbetweeners, how the hell have I been oblivious to it this long??! It has made me laugh outloud, especially the fashion show in series 3. Highly recommend, very rude, very crude but brilliantly written and acted. Best anti-depressant!

I will leave you with that pearl of wisdom. And no photos, sorry!


Connie Race said...

Chrome is awesome. A far superior browser to IE. I would recommend it, even for the change averse (my 68-year-old mother made the switch).

Sweet Camden Lass said...

I like chrome too, as a browser. And my 75 year old mum copes beautifully with it.

(Can anyone find an older mother using Chrome?!)