Sunday, 3 February 2013

What the!

Most bizarre. My tinternet hasn't worked for a while now, thank you BT you total munters, and I just gave it a try -

lo and indeed behold, I seem to be able to get various blogs to load but nothing else!

What's all that about then??

I seem to be able to connect to google, and Google based blog and nothing else - they try to load but fail. I also - most frustratingly - cannot get into my email. This seems to be a common problem, the irony being I can Google 'can only access Google sites' -


Any help very gratefully received!

PS - the February square is knitted and awaiting typing up; will aim to get it on here during this coming week (Thursday is hospital / drip day, so ideally I will do it before then).

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Three things to try

1. Restart your router about 3 times (and leave it off for a minute or so between each restart


Go to Internet Explorer>Tools menu>Connection tab>LAN buttton and remove the ticks from the Proxy buttons then tick "Automatically detect settings".

Click Apply and OK then restart the computer.

3. you can try to reset your internet explorer, as the malware could have destroyed your browser. to do this just open your browser, click tools, select internet options,click on the advanced tab on the far right side of the internet properties dialogue box. then at the bottom, click reset.

You've picked up some malware somewhere... until you've persuaded your browser to talk to non-google websites, it's going to be hard to remove.

Good luck!