Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Not in a Marti Pellow stylie sadly (phwoar!).
Piddling down, weather here in the UK in general is dire, lots of flooding, a lightening strike this side of the country and gales. Not good. Lashed it down all yesterday and all night, looks a touch better today so far but still very windy.

So perfect knitty weather!

The pink beady shawl is almost finished, am aiming to get that done by tonight - I repeated the middle section and maybe didn't need to, it is looking quite large! Piccies to come when the world brightens up a bit.

The living room revamp is moving on - at the moment it is in the 'almost finished' chaotic state.

Posh eh.
This set needs selling asap, have had some interest but no response to my reply yet. As my new old table (makes sense to me) came last night I really need to sell this lot quickly, it is looking a bit like Steptoe's yard at the moment.
The little set of drawers is painted and painted and painted, and ready to be titivated:
Nicely naff and bland at the moment but I have ideas (has had another coat of paint since this was taken). They involve my printer which is out of ink, so please hurry up Mr Postie and deliver the new ink! The tall cabinet behind this one is next in line but a much bigger job, I plan to cover the bottom door with vintage photos.

My sense of style is very muddled lately - once upon a time I had a fairly clear idea of what I liked Then I maybe grew up a bit and it all become so much more complicated!
I like neutrals very much, these sorts of things:
Neutrals with pinks, bliss. But thanks to my landlord and his absolute lack of taste I have this godawful carpet to live with. Yuk. One day I will invest in something better, even if it's a huge rug over as much as possible.
But as well as neutrally I also like this sort of thing:
So I am half plannning to have white painted dining chairs with patchwork seats. Maybe.
Things I do like and that are achievable are these:
Easy. Painted bottles and jars, similar coloured blooms. I really like this.
And this:
Apparently these are cheap artificial flowers in water - I suppose it would also work in a gel of some sort.
(All piccies taken at random from my piccy folders, sorry there are no credits).

Right, my knitting is calling me softly - be right with you my dear!

Enjoy the weekend.

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Those chairs remind me of some truly dreadful suits that the rugby club wore on tour this year (courtesy of as suits go, awful. As patchwork goes, fabulous!)