Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bon jooor.

Bad night last night so apologies in advance for more than usual typos. Something is upsetting my poor tum quite badly, I suspect it is the Leflunomide so cannot really do anything about it - will mention it to the consultant next month when I am next at the hospital.

So most of last night was spent on the settee in a warm nest (downstairs bathroom), am still in my dressing gown and planning to post this, hang the washing out and probably go back to bed.

Sooooo ... what's new?

Fopr my birthday my lovely mum sent me wool as a surprise extra gift (she bought me perfume earlier) - she has NEVER bought me knitty things, my family tend to leave me to it and send the dosh instead, so this was a fantastic surprise!
Even more so as we had seen this wool when I was last home and loved how close it weas to my hair colour. Mum must have gone back and bought me two skeins:

I appear to have my camera on fuzzy setting again, sorry. But the wool, Malabrigo, soooo pretty.
Hair! Excellent match. I had plans for beads and a shawl, bought beads - and forgot comepletely which shawl I was going to make. Hey ho.
So while I try to remember (ie start looking all over again) I will order better beads, silver lined ones ideally. This might involve a trip to the city centre so won't be happening anytime soon, too tired for that carry on.
Then I started looking around for matching pink things - bearing in mind that contrary to popular belief my house IS NOT a haven for pink and is suprisingly neutral (boring) there were quite a few piiiiiink things - taken exactly as they were with no tweaking or tidying.
Brooch / hair clip - perfect match.
The still flowering Christmas Cactus.
Nicely out of focus grainy Sweet William (adore these flowers). I am now wondering if there is any point in continuing this post as the photos really are pretty grim. Erm.
Might carry on then play with the camera settings and try to work out what the hell I have done and retake them.
Inner of handbag (pink velvet), next to slung on the table inside of jacket (zebra).
Nope, I really can't cope! Will abandon the pinks and retake them.

Non blurry:
This is what I am working on at the moment, it is perfect for when my brain / hands are just not up to knitting. This is a week or so of stitching. Bought from a Ravelry destash, destined to become a cushion cover. Tapestry makes me ridiculously happy (I am beginning to admit to myself that cross stitch is simply too much for my hands now).
I suspect the orange tulip at the back is going to become pink.

A part explanation for fuzzy photos and poor typing is linked to both the reasons for this and the side effects of this:
My monthly medications. They now arrive in a huge sack and weight a flipping ton. Grrrrrr.
As I said to the (lovely) pharmacist I used to be concerned if I had to take paracetamol more than once a day , how things change.
Right - washing is on the line now and I think I hear my bed calling. And then I need to sort this camera out .



Stitched Together said...

Yummy Yarn!! If you want to buy beads online for knitting with I have got some recently from Debbie Abrahams website

The price is reasonably as is postage and you can use a crochet hook to add them to the knitting rather than having to thread them all on in advance.

I look forward to seeing what you do with your yummy yummy yarn.

sulkycat said...

Thank you, I totally forgot about Debbie's site (had some from there a while ago). Will have a look now, thanks again.