Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Brought to you by the colour PIIIIIING!

Today I feel almost awake - had NO sleep for a couple of nights but managed about 4 glorious oblivious hours last night, so I am just on the right side of overtired. I do think  snooze is due soon though, and am at the Drs later this afternoon.

The sun is out, not convinced it will last for long as I have put the washing out and everyone knows that is the signal for the gods of rain to do their funky thang. But it's fab to have some daylight.

The garden - yes I am fraid MORE garden piccies are coming - is a bit bonkersmad. The fleurs are loving it, the veggies not so much, In turn, the SLUUUUGS are loving the veggies. They appear to be mutant cyber slugs as they are oblivious to the slug pellets etc and just keep coming back. Teeny tiny ones, huge ones, snails galore, yuk.

The cabbages are religious cos they are holy. Sowwy.
The mint and cabbages are about the only things thriving, the peas, beans, broad beans all scoffed. Buggerit.
But there is pinkness galore.
Some natural.
Some not so natural.

The pinks I waffled about the other week are thriving thankfully - the 'fakes' and the 'real' ones both look and smell amazing.
Real                                                                                                                                      Fake

When I was a tot both nan and mum's gardens were full of the 'real' ones, all the borders were crammed with them, the smell was so lovely. The older I get (snort) the more I seem to be consciously or subconsciously choosing plants from my childhood. Tis great that such treasured memories can be triggered by something so every day as a plant.

Seeds from mum's garden = yellow poppies galore.
There are even poiple fleurs, which clash wonderfully with my manky door.
Brace yerself -


In my defence, your Honour, it is a rented house. The door and the godawful fekkin carpet are NOT of my choosing. I am still trying to decide what colour to paint that bloody door. Mum suggested red which I said would clash with the red bricks.
Mum's reply:
'But you don't have many red bricks.'
Erm. The ENTIRE HOUSE is red brick, in a street of red brick houses.
If it was my own house I would paint it a deep rich raspberry or a zingy chartreuse.
Daughter says paint it black. Deffo don't want white or blue.
Or grey.
Daughter is sanding it all down tomorrow and if tis dry will undercoat it. So I really need to decide on a colour pretty damned soon!

Hmmmm - any suggestions?
I half like muted greens but a bit dull. Would depress me before I even opened the door I think.

OOh - knitting is happening. Sox. Wool has been bought. Fibre is being spun. Shawls have been finished.
Piccies tomorrow all being well.
Table sold and hopefully collected Thursday.
Sewing machine is in use.


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Starbucks will often let you have bags of used coffee grounds for free, and those can be sprinkled round flowers. The slugs find they scrape their undersides and they don't like it.

Silversheep said...

I think a raspberry door would be AWESOME. Would the landlord object?