Thursday, 14 June 2012

Poor puddytat

Not good at the moment, has been a tough week (fainting, sickness, dashing to the loo) . The hospital have told me to stop the Leflunomide for at least a week to see if I pick up a bit, then try it again once on alternate days.
It's either the tablets or some sort of bug (and of course I have a compromised immune system now) - whatever it is I wish it would bugger off. ME too, nice mix.

So not much else to report - was supposed to be having an Out tomorrow with really lovely friends but that's highly unlikely (especially with the risk this is a bug).

All I want to do is lie in bed and try to sleep, I managed to get to the shop today but had a funny turn and had to grab a bottle of Lucozade from the shelf and swig it, no way did I want to end up on the floor of the local Co-op, would have a million more germs than I started with!

My worry about the tablets is that there is apparently just Gold injections to go if the Leflunomide is making me ill and I really do not want those. Amazing how much your life can change isn't it, I never for one minute thought things would be this rough when I was happily teaching those lovely bonkers kids in the PRU. But sweet FA anyone can do about it so not much point in complaining.

Right, bedtime I think.
Toodles x

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