Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Still ill and will have to admit defeat and ring the Dr tomorrow I think.

In the meantime, the sun shone all day today (rain forecast the rest of the week I think) so have some pretty piccies.

Peony Rose, the first time I have grown these. These were free plants (well, postage to pay) and are gorgeous. This one went from bud to fully open in the space of a couple of hours this morning. I love the heavy yellow pollen against the delicate petals.
And these - just look at the colours! How fantastic is the splash of yellow!
Love love love.
The tiny garden is currently full of these, what I would call fake pinks. REAL pinks to me are the heavily scented - er - pink flowers that my mum and my nan always grew. I have a tub od them in bud, but these little loves flower every year in all shades of deep red and pink. Today when I had an hour sitting on the bench I realised that they DO smell lovely - not quite as strong as 'pinks' (dianthus) but very lovely. So my little charity shop find vase is now full of herbs and pinks from the garden, tis the simple things that make one smile.

Kniting has happened on and off - a small shawl from the lovely wool my mum bought for my burpday.
Very straightforward and clearly written pattern so far, at some point I want a long deep v shaped shawl but these smaller ones are great for wrapping round your neck. And of course relatively quick to knit, bonus.
The only problem has been the beads. I ordered pink and silver from Debbie Abrahams, arrived quickly, perfect colours. Threaded loads randomly and happily knittyknitknit - then realised all the colour had come off the pink ones!

I emailed about it and have had an immediate reply, apparently some of last years faulty batch seems to have been sent out this year, so hopefully something will be sorted out.

Frustrating but not a crisis.
The pink coating had started fading even after being threaded.
And pretty much all gone.

Some house changing going on at the mo, much as I love my dining table and chairs they were a mistake and simply too big for this tiny room. So only fleabay it has gone and hopefully will sell, I don't expect to get back what I paid for it but anything around £100 will do. I won a replacement folding table (one of those old carved heavy wood ones) and have Plans.
Plans have already started with a much loved but dark wood set of drawers:
why yes it is a mess. Thank you.
No I couldn't be bothered to move the telly.
Yes I did paint just half of it last night.
Yes I do do things spur of the moment.
I am planning all white with maybe birds and eggs on the drawers. Or old keys.
Then there is the matter of the front door which is in absolutely dire need of painting but I don't know what colour, Piccies to come when I dare (it is seriously awful at the moment).

So things have been happening, and things are Planned. Just need a bit of a break in this illness thing please.


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Alison said...

Flowers are beautiful. Can't wait to see how the drawers turn out x