Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Well. This time I lost even more days to the tablets of doom, but never mind - I think this is just how it's going to be at the moment and a necessary evil.

Skip this bit if bored by the health stuff.

Fridays have become 'feeling increasingly queasy and burping a lot' days.
Methotrexate is taken on Friday evening with tea - I had to up the dose this time so expected it to be a bit iffy.
Saturday and Sunday - absolutely exhausted, real 'cannot lift my limbs off the settee' sort of tiredness, with swaying, dizziness, woozy etc - very much like those first few days when recovering from the flu when your legs feel like Bambi on ice. Headachey, sweating cobs (nice eh), very hot. I tend to sip plenty of water, chew mints to keep the nausea at bay, do a lot of dozing on the settee etc.
Monday - a bit better, less dizzy, less queasy and a bit more human. Hurrah!
Then Tuesday - back to feeling queasy, burpy and upset tum.

So it looks like Wednesdays and Thursdays are OK!! Better than nuffink.
How the hell anyone who is on this stuff manages to keep working / coping with a young family etc I don't really know, At least I only have little me to look after when I feel shite.

Ah - Saturday was my birthday, which was a tad bizarre. Last year was a miserable old birthday (interview from hell and the hotel from an even hellier hell) - this year wasn't miserable, just very laid back (laid back as in almost comatose).

BUT thanks to the kindness of friends I had more gifts than I have had since I was a child. Utterly brilliant - don't get me wrong, I am not greedy at all and am perfectly happy with the usual hand made card from Kerri and some flowers and cake from my lovely mum, but blimey, this was a fabulous birthday treat!

Best thing about this?
The amount of hand made items.
And the amount of pink!
I need to take better piccies of individual things and explain them, as this one pic doesn't even begin to do justice to the work that has gone into them. I am deeply touched by the kindness, generosity and downright madness of my friends.

If you look closely there is a rather sweet little friend for Daphne ... tentatively named Lizzy at the moment.

And nom noms for PSidney!

Despite the medical madness I have managed to finish Sheer, from the latest Kim Hargreaves book.
Not totally convinced I like it - or that I don't look a total prat in it ...

It's a long line, tunic sort of jumper, with a wide scooped neckline which is very low at the front / back (depending on how you choose to wear it). Nicely shaped, and my favourite part are the sleeves which are very floofy voluminous gathered into deep cuffs, very flattering and theatrical.

The cotton was splitty and it does show - I HATE IT when my knitting looks messy. Grrrrr.

Oi! It's not THAT scruffy, I lightened the photo to show the detail - honestly!
That's a lot of stocking stitch in splitty cotton, a heck of a lot.

It fits pretty much perfectly, but the mental image I had of me in it and the reality are poles apart. I think the sad truth is that I am too old and fat to show much bare flesh and tattoos. I bought some floaty silky trousers today, it might work with those and over a black vest top (I like it with the deeper scoop at the back). I am going to slam it in the wash to soften it up a bit and see how that goes - either way I am thrilled that my poor hands managed a jumpers worth of knitting, and that it cost around a tenner ;-)

This has been started but it's tough going on both handies and eyesies - I love cross stitch and have several kicking about that I really should frame one day. Lillies, stargazers, are my very favourite flowers and I hope I get my derriere into gear enough to get this done.
Can you tell I am trying to fill my days with crafty goodness? Wait til you see what I treated myself to with my birthday dosh! It was expensive but I think worth it - hopefully it will be here in a few days time. Very possibly not the sort of thing you might have though I would like - wait and see.

A version of this is on my list of things to make - avert your eyes NOW if easily offended:

There, you can look again.
Just don't scroll up.

And I would love something like this, with loads of different birdies perching on it across the living room wall.

Birdies are lovely - I am also planning to start knitting a birdhouse for the wall. I blame the tablets ....

First though are some more crochet thingies for the bag I am working on - thank you for the link to neater joining, the one I did last night is certainly better.

And finally - once again I was sitting half watching some new police drama nonsense on the telly the other night, when I did a double take.
Yes, my mate Dave was on it. Playing - surprise of surprises - a policeman!
He says there is more pencil chewing in the background to come so I will have to stick with it - Dave's a wonderful bloke but by hell he has a knack for odd tv roles (let's just not mention Hollyoaks).

That's it for now - toodles!

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belated felicitations, for Saturday.