Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sunshine, wimpy English rose and niceness.

Sunshine - by ek we have a lot of it! I managed a grand total of 35 minutes in the garden before I had to admit defeat and come back inside, am a bit on the striped pink and white side (good old English summer colouring) and was literally dripping when I was out. Betcha wanted to know that - I think it's a side effect of the tablets along with the nausea etc etc etc (bloody sodding things, I am pretty sick of all of it today).

Anyway, it's a beautiful day and set to be the same again tomorrow before the weather breaks again. So maybe another half hour smothered in factor 30. My teeny tiny garden is looking pretty and there are LOADS of green shoots and buds so it should be really nice in a few more weeks.

Here are a few of the birthday goodies - I am so moved by them. I keep saying I have very few friends, which is true - but by hell I have  LOT of fabulous 'online' friends.

How great is this? And unzip it's mouth and it says - this will mean less than nowt to anyone not on British Banter on Ravelry, sorry -

Ha, brilliant!
I love handmade gifts, absolutely love them.

This made my mum laugh lots when I read it to her over the phone, she's now called Dammit Janet. The doll not my mum. But you knew that. What isn't visible is the tiny pink tummy button button!

LOVE these - despite Rebsy's fears that they would only fit skelly hands they fit my (chubby) hands perfectly and I love them.

Daphne has a lovely new friend, called Lizzy after my nana.

I just don't know - Lizzy seems quiet and rather naive at the moment (unlike my nan) and hid under a cover for the whole of the Grand Prix on Sunday. But somehow I suspect this will wear off as soon as Daffers starts 'educating' her ...

You think I am being a bit harsh towards Daphne?
This is what she did with a lovely gift she received recently.

PSidney continues to be extremely lovely - he's a real little (fat) character and I love him to bits, every squeaky greedy funny bit of him.
I had a long long cuddle with him last night as I was feeling rather peed off with life, we both nodded off!

He had been chewing carrots hence the yellowy mush - NOT smoking fags as a certain someone suggested!
He is hard to get decent piccies of as he tries to eat the camera every time.

Awwww, I love piggies.

I have even managed to get pretty much all of the crochet part of The Bag finished ready to sew together (in green) - material, bits and bobs etc for the rest of it should be here tomorrow. I need to get this made before the ever increasing plans for it in my head get totally out of control. I am making it up as I go and so far it tentatively involves knitting, crochet, sewing, applique and at this rate probably pottery, woodwork and sky diving.

I am VERY pleased with the colours and the pattern, hell they might not be perfect but they make me smile.
I love the Rowan Handknit cotton as it is soft enough for my sore hands and I love the colours - very pleased so far.

No idea how much I will get done over the weekend as I am pretty much resigned to the Methotrexate knocking the stuffing out of me again, but I think I am getting better at NOT setting myself rigid deadlines. Sounds silly to say I am getting better at 'doing nothing', but I suspect some folk out there will know what I mean.


Stitched Together said...

Doing nothing is so damn hard. Healthy people don't get it, and think it's like being on holiday all the time.
By the way I love Daphne's nipple tassels!

Enid said...

elated felicitations

sulkycat said...

thank you both!