Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 4 in the Big Brother House ...

or the Short Sulky Cottage.

It's been a strange few days. For those who have popped by for a dose of sarcasm and vitriol, move along the bus please, nothing to see here. For those popping by for knitty crafty things hang on a mo, there IS knitting to come! And for those who don't mind me babbling about my ongoing health madness then pull up a chair and make yourselves comfy.

Last Thursday was Not a Good Day. Tis official.
Jo the lovely rheumatology nurse rang - one of my blood tests was rather special.

In her words - 'above 10 is a cause for concern - it should ideally be negative.
Yours is 459.'

Wowee! Well, as my sister said getting a HIGH score in tests is a good thing! WINNER!!

She went on to say I am - ahem - 'very seriously ill' and needed to go to the hospital the next day to start - ahem - 'heavy duty drugs'. Speshul, that's me.

So this is day 4 of the new regime - I think if anyone had the strength to pick me up and shake me I would rattle, I am on around 25 tablets a day! I also have to carry these at all times:

Sadly they don't do them in pink.
I also have this:
and this:

Sods law that I am now banned from having the pretty PINK ones as they interact with the Methetrexate.
Sheesh. There's a box of tablets for the ongoing day to day pain etc too.

All rather worrying but I seem to be in safe hands. Jo rang again today to check how things were, I have rheumatoid arthritis pretty much everywhere, also osteoarthritis in my right foot and toes, tendonitis in both hands, 'something going on' in my right wrist and a build up of fluid in my left knee. I am having spectacular pain in my right knee which I have to monitor. I admit to having a damned good cry on the Thursday, part shock, part pain, part being utterly pissed off with the whole thing.

The changes to my life in the last what, 18 months or so is immense. I am exhausted most of the time, the RA on top of ME and ongoing digestive issues is a bit of a swine!
But I have my limbs even if some of them are having a strop lately, nobody has died and I have a wonderful group of friends and a pretty amazing family.

Maybe that sounds trite but it's true.

When you have friends who send you - on the same day, completely independent of each other, cuddly microwave critters to warm my aches and pains (both called Claire too!)(the friends not the critters) life's not all bad.
On good days I can knit - I even dug out my very rusty crochet skills last week to try that. I have started to adjust to a much slower life - I haven't been a party animal for a while, ironically because of the pressures of work so that's not too much of an issue. I do feel quite isolated - there are things I could join I suppose but I am very aware of my unreliability as I simply do not know how I will feel from one day to another.

Hey ho.

Yes, some has been happening.
Erm. I appear to be able to knit toys!
I haven't dont much in the way of toy knitting since Kerri was little, and I was a bit wary that the small fiddly pieces would hurt my wrists but I found them very easy (possibly because they are so lightweight). I can't post the piccies of my favourite as it has not yet been sent to it's new home, but this is the madness Kerri requested, the lilac bunny.

Letting Daphne anywhere near it was WRONG.

Wrong way round.

Upside down.

Totem pole...

I have sewing to do, ideas galore for all sorts of things - I just need a few days where I feel motivated and able!

Oh - apparently the tablets could give me a reduced sperm count.
There's a thing ...

How are you?


Stitched Together said...

So sorry you are feeling so crappy. It's sound like you've had so much to adjust to in a short time. It can be really lonely when you go from being active to being a hermit. The only way to stop that feeling is to find ways you can reach out to other people without being tied to a commitment. For me it was knitting groups that filled that gap. The groups happen whether I'm there or not. You could try book groups or other such activities. I'm sure you will adapt in time and at least you can connect to the world online. That's kept me sane more than a few times I can tell you.

Rebecca said...

omg the pics and the sperm count thing! you really know how to liven things up ;)
i'm so sorry you're going through yet more crap and bad news. but i'm glad you're getting such good care and that you have such good support and that you are being so courageous and taking it all in great stride. you're in my thoughts daily - do take care and know you're loved!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you! So sorry that it's being so awful for you - I struggle coping with just the ME/CFS and a wheat intolerance and can't begin to imagine how much more you're having to cope with.

Really hope that the meds make a difference for you and that you start to feel a little better soon. For me the internet is a lifesaver - I've made many great friends through it and some of those I've met in real life too and have become the people I'd call at 3am if needed.

Baa Ram Ewe knit night is a lovely time to meet people and chat - I don't get there very often atm but love it when I do. Don't know if you've ever been (I am appalling on names/faces - joy of brain fog!)