Thursday, 26 May 2011

Checking in.

Are you all behaving? No? Excellent!

So much for aiming to post something every day, that fell by the wayside rather quickly.
Have had a struggle with the tablets - am a bit miffed at losing THREE days to them recently. The Friday when I can't take the folic acid (which is to help with the nausea caused by the other tablets) was a day of many burps and deep breaths - I wondered if I was going to vomit on the good folk of Leeds City Centre as I pottered about but thanks to air, mints and determination I managed to avoid that humiliation.
It didn't ease at all, Saturday was pretty rough and Sunday was even worse! (I take the Methotrexate on Friday evenings ).

Then the joys of blood tests on Monday (I now go for them every 2 weeks) and PHYSIO on Tuesday - bloody hell, I haven't had this much of a social life for ages.
Physio was not fun - when someone tells you to 'stop flinching!' when they are trying to lift your kneecap up and wiggle it about - YOU ARE LIFTING MY KNEECAP UP, YOU MAD WOMAN! OF COURSE I AM SODDING WELL FLINCHING!
Wrong, on so many levels, just WRONG!

She was very nice, about 13, but by hell I have suffered since. BOTH bloody knees hurt now!
The only bonus was being told my knees are swollen - here's me thinking they were just chubby ....
It seems Thursday is a half decent day each week. Wooppeee.

I might be living up to my name soon at this rate, a sulkycat.


I am continuing to battle the crochet. My nan taught me even before I learnt to knit, and I am lucky enough to have a set of her hooks (my sister has the others, she crochets a lot). I can crochet when my hands are too sore / swollen to knit, most of the time - otherwise I think I would be barking at the moon by now.

Swollen handypandies:

Poor things.
I usually avoid cotton like the plague, but I am managing really well with Rowan Handknit Cotton, not well in terms of quality of my crochet you understand, but in terms of it being softer than I expected.
I have now made several of these

in pinks and green. I like them, I can't quite fathom out how to avoid the weirdness at the top, where the join is. I have bag making plans afoot. There are 6 of these so far, then of course I got bored.

I also decided to make a good friend an apple jacket (long story involving Kelmscott and swear words) - I learned that if one skims a pattern when they have never ever tried anything like it before, whilst watching the Grand Prix, STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN.

Tis like no apple jacket ever seen before ... (I increased on many rows that did NOT need increases). Twit.
The new and improved, ie not as increasy one has been received and I think the lovely Apples is still talking to me ;-)

What else.
Ah, other knitting - the pressie has been received so I can post piccies now - it's a Debi Birkin pattern, Tabitha Cat and I LOVED making it.
Tisn't purrrrfect but I like it.

How can anyone not like something that starts its life as this!

And to end with (for now) - does anyone else think this is just WRONG???

Wrong wrong wrong!!


Stitched Together said...

I concur - very very wrong. But I love your knitted gift. It is so squashily cute! I bet it was gratefully received. And you are not alone with yarn based errors during the Grand Prix. Some frogging was required.

Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

Maybe it could be a grapefruit cosy instead?

There is a tutorial here for finishing a round of crochet seamlessly

Christine said...

I usually furtively lurk around here, but sometimes you just have to come out and say......yes, it's wrong, very wrong. I'm so sorry about your drug hell and swollen handsies, hope everything settles very soon.
Chris xxx

sulkycat said...

thank you all for the messages, thats brightened my morning!

and thanks for the crochet finishing link, am going to have a look at that right now

Rebecca said...

roflol about that sulkycat! too funny of a pic!
sorry meds have you feeling so crapola on top of all else. lordy you need a prize though for your humor and wit in times of adversity! i always have a funky thing going on in my corcheted stuff too. maybe youcan try a slip stitch in stitch after closing round to ease the jog off? it should look fine anyhow once the motifs are joined.
you take care sweet friend!