Friday, 8 October 2010


It's car crash reading at times but hey, it's a quiet morning so far ... anything to avoid tidying the living room for the next five minutes.
The following comments have just made me grin - they may of course be aimed at someone entirely different but that wouldn't make much of a blog post so in the interest of having something to write I am taking them as if they apply to this little bloggywoggy.


I hope you can see that it’s a tiny minority of self-righteous, paranoid, inadequate losers (many of whom are posting multiple anonymous comments to make it look as though they have supporters – a fact that is obvious to the most casual observer).

My favourite part about this? Yes you guessed it - there is no link to the poster's name - therefore it is anonymous. Genius! For my own part I have never felt the need to post a reply to myself, am neither paranoid nor an inadequate loser - self righteous well, in the case of my definition of a shite class then yes, absolutely! If self righteous means knowing when a class is utterly appalling oh yes, damned right I am and proud!
Are there 'many' posting critiques of cider drinking tutors' inadequacies? Can a tiny minority be many? Eh??
What’s happening on Rav and certain blogs is bullying, pure and simple. People can dress it up as ‘feedback’ all they want, they’re deluding themselves. We all know when we’re being cruel and childish.
Erm. Not true my dear. Not bullying, just the simple honest truth, backed up by many people who were in that class of shiteness. And many more who have experienced the same thing. Please go and read the horror of what happened at Dunblane (just up the road from Stirling) and then tell me that repeated gun comments are appropriate? For 'cruel and childish' read 'absolute honesty and truth'. And by hell it has struck a nerve hasn't it.
Some people just can’t help but jump in on a dogpile. Once this drama is over and the vultures have found something more tasty, the same people dissing you now will be buying your patterns and acting like nothing happened.
Dogpile? Please don't flatter yourself - the main topic of conversation on Ravelry and knitting blogs is the mess that is SCKC, NOT the shite class. If you call not paying tutors a 'drama', and those who are utterly disgusted by it all 'vultures', then maybe that says a lot about you rather than them?
As for buying a pattern from the cider drinker, not a chance - never have, never will. I am not a hypocrite. More than enough fantastic - and professional, pleasant and incredibly talented - designers out there. Maybe someone needs to put down the cider and think about that? A self pitying, money grabbing, deluded and unprofessional pattern designer or one with dignity, inspiration, imagination and class - hmmmm. Believing your own publicity and only wanting to read the good things is a massive mistake. My own Ravelry queue will take many years to work through - it doesn't contain a single pattern by you know who.
i was completely shocked by the mob mentality. please be assured that not all ravelers are like that. i can only imagine how they must talk to their grandmothers like that…
Oh dear, where to start.
Oh it's tempting, but no, walk away from the car crash that is that last 'sentence'.
I wish I could talk to my nan but she is dead. By hell she would have seen straight through a certain person to the crap, very astute lady my nan. Nuf said.
Friends, bath, hair wash, get dressed, nip into town, continue attacking the mess upstairs. Ironing!
And start planting up my bottle garden of mysterious and manifold delights.
Tis almost the weekend my friends, almost ... toodles x


Silver Spork said...

Hang in there - the word about the shittiness of KC needs to stay out there so that this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. I would hate to see people get scammed for a third time.

Freyalyn said...

Love and hugs!!!

Lu said...

How dare you mention Dunblane without so much as a full sentence in honor of the victims. Shameful.

sulkycat said...

really lu? i tend to think 'shameful' applies to the person making gun jokes whilst in stirling

or anywhere

and i believe you have just written a sentence mentioning dunblane without honouring anyone yourself ...

Twelfthknit said...

Hey, LU, is you head up your jacksy?...

Lu said...

Hey, TWELFTHKNIT, is you mouth open widey?...cuz my jacksy's ready to dump

sulkycat said...

lu, please go and show yourself up somewhere else


Susan said...

Gun jokes are inappropriate regardless of circumstances.

Said VFK, regardless of how anyone viewed her class, deserves to be paid what she is owed. It is a shame that unhappy class members can't get refunds. In an ideal world they would, but it doesn't seem that that will be possible here.

I have bought a couple of VFK's patterns. She is a very clever designer, one of the very few out there. However, if she doesn't use a tech editor she should! The patterns are not well written. If she does use a tech editor, she needs to get a new one.

I haven't viewed any of this as a bullying exercise against anyone. A so-called organiser has made a right balls up of an event that should have been fantastic, and people are, rightly so, very angry about it.

People unhappy with a class have every right to complain. This whole "say nothing that's not a rave review" attitude doesn't help the industry. I'd love to be able to read honest reviews about books, yarns, designers. But the dedicated fans make it very difficult for anyone to speak anything but praise.

amysrainbow said...

Bloody hell, some people really don't know when to stop digging do they? Here's a radical suggestion to all the fangirls out there who think their hero(ine) needs looking after. She's an adult, a grown woman and as such should be able to accept that not everyone loves everything she does, nor is there any compulsion for them to.
Over these past few weeks, sulky has been abused, had illness wished on her and been subjected to bullying, merely for having an opinion -what is laughable is that it's been sparked off by a person from the US, supposedly the home of free speech, where people feel entitled to say anything they like to anyone, because it's their 'constitutional right'. I would like to remind the VFK and her squealing fans that it goes both ways, the right to free speech includes everyone, not just you.

Kim in Oregon said...

Nicely said amysrainbow - I must stop reading VFK's blog but sometimes can't turn my eyes away.

amysrainbow said...

I know what you mean! The thing is, I can't understand how someone could read what some of their 'fans' have said and not be absolutely mortified.By not nipping this in the bud, VFK is making herself look ridiculous and needy.

Shirley said...

Sulky, have I told you lately how much I love you?