Thursday, 21 October 2010


why? just why?

Stop eating out of date sodding yoghurt then you stupid stupid woman!


Moss stitch moss stitch double chuffing moss stitch - I love moss stitch but bloody nora I am somewhat bored with it now - one sleeve to go. I went into a mini panic this morning when I realised I was very likely to run out of wool, so ordered a ball of Felted Tweed, if the dye lot isn't the same then to hell with it, will walk with one arm in the shade or lifted in a permanent wave.
Delphine, you will be mine very very soon.

Not the best of days today, but I stood my ground better than I thought I would, and my union chap was utterly brilliant as always. Career ideas anyone? (seriously, anyone have any good ideas??).

Dream jobs would include:
a donkey sanctuary

but I have the tiniest garden in the world and don't think they would like to live in the living room - and I bet they would hog the telly.

guinea pig cuddler
Yes, could do that as a career very happily.

Erm. What else?



Susie said...

Nothing intelligent to say but I would like to be a guinea pig cuddler too. (And I can do a guinea pig impression: a-weeeek-a-weeeeek-a-WEEEEEEK. That's a guinea pig when it hears you chopping up a cucumber).

sulkycat said...

thats a very good impression, i nearly gave you some lettuce ;-)

all my pigs used to go mad when they heard a plastic bag rustle, greedy little blighters!

Rebecca said...

even in the hardest of times you have the most brilliant sense of humor
so what was decided at work meeting?

maisiemouse said...

Chocolate taster nomnom nomnom.
In fact no. I remember suffering chocolate overload on a trip to cadbury world. Or are you supposed to taste and spit as with wine?