Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Trumpet Bum.

Oui. C'est moi.

What??!!! Too much info??
I cannot for the life of me manage to download / upload / middling load the piccies I want, grrrr to it, so here is an assortment of drivel. Nowt new there then ...

The piccies I want to post concern this little love, Dear Daphne. Hopefully I might manage it tomorrow.
Last seen wimpering in a hat, under a tissue and muttering about me not having the heating on.

I seem to have many many things on the go and getting nowhere fast with them. This is one that I really do want to get on with, and is lined up for the not so distant future - would love it finito by what, the end of November seems realistic?

This is the one that's taking up my time at the moment - it's just so slow! I love it, love pretty much everything about it but by hell it's such a slow knit. I have the back, one front, one sleeve and half the other front finished, and had it in my silly head that I could finish the entire thing by the end of Sunday. Yes, that's this Sunday. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.

This little lovely is my much missed Enid. I am pining for a pet, very much so. Ideally I want another cat but just not terribly practical at the moment. I would love another piggy or a wabbit, but until I know what's going on healthwise it probably isn't the best move. My daughter has said she will look after it with pleasure if I get whisked into hospital, and I am finding it harder and harder to resist - I also think it would be the most calming thing imaginable again.
I want a PET!

And this has gone in the bin.

What? What's that you say?
No gossip and scandal? Nothing worth reading at all?
Nope, not a bit.

But just be grateful - this post is tampon free.


Rebecca said...

how could you have tossed tha tawesome beginning of a sweater?
ugh!!!! it was so pretty!!!
i think a little friend at hime would be great for you too!
an angora bunny? then you can spin right off of her :D

sulkycat said...

i very much so want an angora bunny, almost bought one a few weeks ago!
the cardi i threw out was all done except seaming but i loathed it, didnt hang right - maybe i should have kept that top bit and altered the bottom but was sick of the sight of it!

Penelope said...

Here's a couple of photos of Albert and Terry, the angora posse:


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