Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Fabulous Foofoo and the Flounce of Fartiness

Mah foo foo.
She is not well.

I saw a fantabulous gynae specialist on Tuesday - OK, I apologise:
As I was saying - let's just say the words 'oh, the pain you felt was when I was lifting your womb' - YOU WERE DOING WHAT! PUT IT BACK!
She thinks the dreaded endometriosis has come back with a vengeance, in and behind  my womb and also possibly my bladder (on top of everything else I am peeing rather a lot of blood, yippee). Thankfully NOT the ovarian cancer that was originally suspected. I have an operation in 3 weeks, and possibly / probably a major op in the near future. She was brilliant and I might have to marry her.

It's been a painful week but definitely picking up now. Thank you blokie over the road for getting your Sky fandango fit this morning at silly o'clock, I (and the rest of the road) really needed to listen to the slamming of van doors and the drilling / swarm of bees noises. Luvverly. Any chance it will be finished soon? No?

I am aiming to finish the cardi of mucho moss stitch today - I know I know, I seem to have been saying this for ages, but it's almost there. When you can't be arsed to knit or read then you know you ain't too well ....

It hasn't all been doom and gloom though, oh dearie me no - there has also been Dwama of the interwebz variety.

Madame La Flounce, she is fantastique, non?
She is just under the delusion that talking shite will go unnoticed online. Type what you want, tis the internet after all - but don't be naive enough to think that folk will let you go unchallenged if you type twaddle. Did I say twaddle? Silly me, I meant lies. One more person who is in the 'you are a big meany and I am telling my mam' camp. Well let me tell you - MY MAM is more scarier scariest scarifier than your mam! So bloody there matey!

Tinternet, gottaloveit, innit.

Anyone else planning on doing the old Nano thing this year?
I will be, another excuse to write many words of - er - unmitigated shite ;-)
See you there!


CraftyCripple said...

Glad your gynae is good. It makes all the difference if you trust them. I don't think I'd let anyone else open me up. The only other people who did made me worse in the long run even if they saved my life at the time. Hope the surgery goes well and they can confirm what to do next. Evil evil endo curse it all to hell. When will they find a cure???

lyndseyjane said...

Glad you have a good gynae but sorry your endo has returned. I am waiting for an ultrasound to attempt to find out the what the hell is happening to my lady bits. Endo, ovarian cyst or early menopause have all been mentioned. Sending good vibes for your op.

sulkycat said...

thank you ever so much -but so sorry to hear both of you have had problems too

thankfully she was really clued up about it - i was just relieved that someone has finally found where the pain is!

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Good gynaes are wonderful. And the picture of little bunny foo foo is awesomeness personified.

Glad to hear that there is hope and that something is being done.