Monday, 18 October 2010

Yikes! A post of many horrors ....

Seb Coe seems to have decided to join the Chuckle Brothers ....

am I the only one who sees the resemblance? It makes me grin everytime he's on telly (which is a lot lately with all the Olympics publicity). Scary.

Now, Turn away from your screen if you are of a nervous disposition. I originally wrote this as quite a long post following the hospital scans last month, but I think a few lines is more, so much more than enough. But look - I suffer, you share, Ok?

When you go for gynae scans they often involve internal ones too. In the accompanying bumph it describes these as involving 'a small probe no larger than a tampon'.
A tampon size:

THEY LIE. (oh and yes - I have written a blog post involving tampons. Deal with it.)

Unless someone has been making tampons for sodding dinosaurs or hippos. They lie.
Am now waiting for the next lot of tests, lined up to see both gynae and gastric specialists, oh joy of joys. But thankfully the worst case scenario has been ruled out which is brilliant, I don't plan on expiring just yet thank you very much, ill wishes karma or no.

But whilst on the subject of tampons, I saw this and thought it would make a wonderful artyfarty project for all you wonderful readers.

Betcha glad I posted .... ;-)


CraftyCripple said...

I would so love to make one of these and see if the OH realised what it was that was hanging in the window. Genius.

Sorry you had to have the horrid scan, but if it rules bad things out then that is a good thing.

Hope you get some answers.

Sweet Camden Lass said...

The only remotely fun part of an internal ultrasound is the bit where they apply some protection to the probe.

My overwhelming memory of the event, though, is how full my bladder was. They told me how much to drink, then they kept me waiting. Then they remarked how full it was while pressing very hard on it.

Tasha said...

Only you!

Freyalyn said...

Who else could combine Lord Coe, the Chuckle Brothers, tampons and dinosaurs in one post! I'm still sniggering, and wondering if I add tampon-ghosts to the pumpkin-fairy-lights in the window, anyone will notice what they are?

fourchette said...


oh, and the Word Verification reads: shite - how nice is that? LOL