Thursday, 7 October 2010

Madness, they call it madness ...

I cannot post piccies for some reason, might be because I am using a different laptop at the moment, so bear with the nonpiccy posting.

Well, the SCKC shite continues doesn't it.

It had seemed to go (ominously) quiet over on Ravelry - I don't follow many blogs at the moment so only really read ones linked via Rav, but the threads about SCKC had gone pretty silent. Presumably people have taken things down a legal route and there is little more they can say at the moment. Then a couple of people who had received refunds for zoodies (am I the only person who thinks that's a bloody silly name for a zippy up top??) also received the top - and now feel guilty for having both.

And there's the nub - the decent folk feel guilty for having received goods they ordered and the refund, whilst the person who owes a bloody fortune to people has vanished (more about her soon). Something I don't feel very comfortable about is the whole tutor fund (many reasons - one being that I certainly do not want a penny of mine to be spent on cider), and I don't like seeing these people being 'told' to donate the refund to the fund. Argh! Big fat meany, c'est moi.

Anyway, moving on. The bunnies and rainbows seem to be fading away into the mist, along with the unicorns and flutterbyes ... all is not quite pinkness and fluffy hugs. Traa la la laaaaaaa.
More and more blog posts have appeared, all with a very similar story - that the people at SCKC were brilliant, that the organisation was dreadful, that people were generally treated with incredible rudeness and arrogance, that the whole contract business beggared belief, and that payment - well, what payment?

And then reports of bizarre forms allegedly - and I stress allegedly - from the disorganiser's hubby, telling those owed dosh to pay up a million trillion dollars so they can possibly maybe one day in the unforseeable future maybe receive 56p towards what they are owed. Lordy.

BUT dear friends and cider drinkers everywhere, I have saved the best for last.
Oh yes.
Please everyone, stop posting meany things about said disorganiser, because she is upset.
Post traumatic stress - oh lordy. Offensive? Much?

As I have said elsewhere -
cannot reply to online messages
cannot reply to emails
cannot reply to phone calls
cannot reply to letters
not available in person
is upset by what is being said about her online?

WHAT! Utter fekkin madness. There is so much wrong with this - how dare ANYONE take it upon themselves to send that message to somebody? How dare anyone try to play the sympathy card after deliberately choosing to ignore every single query, complaint, question?

Good heavens, after insulting the entire British knitting population one would have thought the disorganiser might have peaked in her bid to become Knitters'Number One Bitch (KNOB) . But no, all respect to her - she has bettered it.


Ms C said...

The term 'zoodie' makes me want to hurt people. And I'm usually very nice. It goes under the 'Ugh!' words for garments category along with jeggings, treggings and (feel a bit sick tying this) - BANDALS!

sulkycat said...

bandals, what the hell are bandals! oh god, are they boot sandals? hahaha, bandals! oh buggering bandals, great swear word!

Annmarie said...

Oh sulky you are so succulent in describing this fiasco. Every couple of weeks I get more gobsmacked by the whole ordeal and just feel horrible for (most of) the tutors. Also google blog search has an email notification option, when set to knit camp, many links to interesting blogs show up right there in your email box. :)

Fizz14 said...

If you think zoodie is annoying you should see some of the terms Debenhams are trying to sneak into our language - try shacket or blurt for example! More here -

PS Love your blog

Twelfthknit said...

I have had mental health problems in the past, two admissions with depression and severe anxiety. I have never, ever used my mental health issues as an excuse for bad behaviour. How dare she!

Anonymous said...

I think that one is supposed to wear a zoodie with shants.

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm uncomfortable about the tutor fund too, especially for people who have already paid once. I do feel bad that they haven't gotten paid, and if people feel good about paying twice then that is their choice, but it isn't solving the problem.