Thursday, 24 November 2011

Non Broken Fanny

It's a real good news / bad news time lately, arrrgggghhhhh.

Good news - mah fanny she is mended, sort of. Bet you really wanted to know that. Dr said back to the no dairy, no citrus, no caffeine thingy but all test results are super duper. I think I should have a 'Healthy Fanny' certifcate for my wall.

Bad news - my left knee gave out when I was almost at the top of the stairs to bed the other night. Now when people say 'oh it suddenly gave out' it sounds ever so dwama queenish, but it really did, literally, give out - a big crunch and it buckled under me. Utter bloody fooking agony since then, can't put any weight on it (thank goodness for my stick).

Was at physio anyway yesterday so she spent ages on my bad knee - she thinks some of the knackered cartilage has broken off and is floating about jabbing into the RA that's already there. Possible day surgery if it doesn't settle soon.

Yes that's just what I really want thank you, my not-quite-as-knackered-by-rheumatoid-knee deciding it wants some of the attention now. ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Plus I am on minimum painkillers at the mo as the others have given me a suspected stomach ulcer, so it's just paracetamol and Tramadoladingdong. I think I might resort to a live of alcohol and swearing, I am good at swearing. No dairy,no gluten, minimal fats, minimal spices, no caffeine, no citrus - so that's mashed potato for me then.Ah, my hands often hurt to much to peel or mash - so that's chomping on a raw unpeeled spud then. Why the hell I am not skinny I do not know!

Meanwhile, from my pathetic position on the settee I have been crafting up a storm.

Normally I am not at all interested in Christmas - this year I seem to have gone Christmas mad. Now whether that's because I am in seven million Christmassy swaps, or because I am at home a lot, or because I need serious medical help I don't know, but I am surrounded by limbs from assorted Christmassy items - reindeer, Santas, Robins, all sorts. And I haven't even started on the glittery stuff yet ....

Top Seekrit Test Knit has been approved, paid for and praised and I am half way through the second one - I am absolutely loving knitting for someone else, for a specific purpose, and cannot wait to see if they make it into the books!

What's that? You would like some pretty piccies and you are sick of reading my drivel?

Hmmmm, you know this means I have to try and find the camera lead don't you? Did I mention my knee hurts? Oh, you don't care eh.
Will see what I can do.

Right - these are from a couple of weeks ago - can't believe I haven't posted them already. There was a hell of a scrabbling noise outside - and who was running up and down on the window sill?
I tapped on the glass and lifted the net curtaon, and he came right up with his paws on the glass peering inside at me , absolutely gorgeous! I know they are flying rats but I love them, cheeky pretty little things. This one is by far the smallest I hasve seen in my garden, he's been back most days on the window sill.
Forgive the photos, they were taken through the window.
He scoffed all the peanuts from the bird table and played silly buggers, running up and down the green house, onto the guttering then back on the window sill. He then ran across the bench and played in the planters.
Climbed the tree and savaged what was left of the feeders there - he has incredibly long front 'fingers'.
He made my morning - this went on for a good 45 minutes or more. The larger one used to sit in the tree and SHOUT at me when I went to work!

Not keen on squiggles?
Just be thankful I didn't post a piccy of my non - broken fanny .....

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Have you got an electric hand whisk? Mum uses that for mashed potato. Works a treat, and much less painful.

Me, I am lazy. I never peel spuds before mashing. Cut them, if they're a bit big, so they cook and mash easier but that's it.

Yay for good bits. Boo for bad bits.