Monday, 14 November 2011

Broken Fanny.

My fanny, she is broken.

Woe is me.

A broken fanny is never a good thing - in other words I have been to the Dr for some tests, due back Wednesday. Ouchy, they hurt.

On a lighter note, I am currently surrounded by these:
which are making me quite ridiculously happy. Four are totally finished, one partly completed - I have an urge to keep on making millions of them but I will fight it.
Can't beat a pile of squeaky acrylic!

These too.

I am looking forward to this, love the posters and the limited info released so far. Shallow? Me? Hell yes.
I want one of these:

and want to look like this:
just for the sheer hell of it.

I suspect I might be guilty of posting a blog whilst over tired ;-)

Juts go with it and let me indulge myself - I will add more knitty / crafty type piccies one day, truly.

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