Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lynne, MacMillan, Christmas and Wool

A post full of unashamed product pimping for which I make absolutely no apology at all!

Some of you may know that a truly lovely knitter friend died recently. Lynne was pretty unique and without going into too many details here, simply a warm, funny, kind, naughty, generous and extremely brave woman. She was also a knitter and designer who loved coral pink. Er, but not yellow

She was wonderfully cared for in the last weeks at a Macmillan hospice - for further information about the work of Macmillan nurses please see here
There are many ways to support Macmillan, from sending an ecard to brighten someone's day here to fund raising, donations, even from your wedding list. Please do have a look at the fabulous work they do. Lynne sent a round robin text each morning and constantly said how wonderfully well she was looked after.

As a gesture of thanks, Joy aka the fabby Knitting Goddess has done some wonderful yarns in celebration of Lynne. She has named the range SparkLynne.

50% of the sale price of all of the SparkLynne yarns and fibres (including the mini skein sets) will go to Macmillan cancer support until the end of the year.

There are also 2 colours - Lynne’s loved and loathed, the Coral and the Yellow.

The link to the shop and Lynne's wools can be found at  theknittinggoddess - just how gorgeous is that pink!

So if you are looking for a pressie for the knitter in your life - or looking for a pressie for yourself please do go and have a peep at the SparkLynne range.

Thank you.

( who would have had a bloody good laugh at the bodge up I made of this post the first time round)

I want to share this, my favourite quote from Lynne from a message she sent me a few months ago.
'The real gauling thing…well one of them…..and this should make you laff……is I’m 56 and I’d planned on being the grumpiest, oldest, old git ever! ROFL!'

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Lupie said...

The world had lost another great yarn artist.